Writing on the Walls: Santiago Street Art

“It comes down to whether you feel grateful to be able to express it and I think Santiago really got that.” – Steven Abriani

The Expressionist talked to Loyola senior, Steven Abriani about his experience of filming his documentary which focuses on street art in Santiago, Chile! Steven, a film major, was a part of a two week course taught by twelve-time Emmy winner, John Goheen. In his documentary, Writing on the Walls, Steven explores the relationships between the various citizens of Santiago and their take on street art.

Listen below to what Steven has to say about his experience filming the documentary!

And be sure to check out Steven’s documentary here!

Do you agree with Steven? Can we appreciate art from anywhere, despite not understanding the particular shared history of the people from another country? Comment below or tweet us @ExpressLUC with your thoughts!

2 thoughts on “Writing on the Walls: Santiago Street Art

  1. I believe we can understand art even through we do not know the history. Art is something each person has a different view on because it affects us differently. So I believe knowing the history is not important but if known it provides a background

  2. Cool insight, Hannah. The cultural aspect of this art in particular gives interesting context too! That’s one of the reasons we thought Steven’s insight was so great.

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