Roamin’ Round Roma: A 24/7 Outdoor Gallery

There is art on every corner I turn” — Vanessa Mercado

Who knew that la citta eterna was dotted with artwork beyond the famous museums and churches? Vanessa Mercado is a junior anthropology major and Italian minor studying abroad at the John Felice Rome Center. Check out the beautiful work that she has found while exploring Roma’s outdoor galleries.


Rome: Masterpieces Outside of the Museums
Most people don’t think about Rome as a canvas for street artists. I have seen some of the most amazing art – not in museums or churches (as beautiful as those may be), but on the street. Street art in Rome isn’t found in the tourist centers; it is mostly found in train stations and neighborhoods such as Trastevere, Ostiense, Pigneto, and San Lorenzo. Street art in Rome tends to focus less on the message and more on the image. Although some hint at the economic situation in Italy, the political or social messages aren’t a priority.



Tor Marancia is a neighborhood home to some of the coolest and most beautiful murals. The neighborhood was part of a public art project designed by 999Contemporary (an art gallery). 20 artists from 10 different countries painted the neighborhood in collaboration with the residents. I think that it is absolutely amazing that these artists transformed Tor Marancia into, essentially, an outdoor twenty-four hour art gallery. The majority of the residents also seem to love the murals; each with their favorite mural to gaze at.


Recently, street art is becoming accepted in Rome. There are actually legal spaces where street artists can exhibit their work. Neighborhoods are being transformed and people are starting to take notice. For me, street art in Rome is part of the beauty of the city. Whether it is a fountain by Bernini or a stencil by Hogre, there is art on every corner I turn.



All photos courtesy of Vanessa Mercado.

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  1. I love street art because it is the persons feelings at that point in time. In my opinion it is considered raw art and emotions. I really like how street art is similar around the world.

  2. We love that too, Hannah! Its really interesting to look at all of the street art around the world at different Loyola campuses and comparing them. You’re right, they’re really very similar.

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