5 International Must-Follow Street Art-Grams

Do you love seeing different styles of street art? Are you having trouble finding unique artists? Look no further! We’ve compiled a list of the five best Instagram accounts to follow for street art around the world.


  1. StreetArtNews

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This account is great for an overview of art around the world. It spotlights a wide variety of work instead of focusing on one specific artist. Follow them for a broad range of art–every style and every nationality!

  1. Osgemeos

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This Brazilian street artist is known for his unique style and bright colors. He creates social commentary pieces, but also creates pieces with no “social justice” message. His work is extremely colorful and creative, brightening up the streets of Brazil! 

  1. victor_ash

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Victor is a French artist who is known, like Banksy, for his use of stencil graffiti. Recently, he’s started traveling and creating work outside his home country in places such as Berlin and Denmark. His latest work is in Denmark, where he was asked to create a series of images in a high school gymnasium to emphasize the importance of education. Done in his traditional black-and-white stencil style, they’re definitely worth checking out!


  1. kobrastreetart

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Eduardo Kobra may be the second Brazilian street artist to make our list, but his style is very different than Osgemeos’s. Kobra creates large murals on walls all over Brazil (and recently, Brooklyn). One of his recent works stretches several stories high on the side of a building. His pieces are extremely detailed and sometimes include colorful triangles where they don’t belong (like on a shirt…or face!). Go follow his page to see just how large some of the murals are!


  1. bezt_etam

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Bezt is one half of the Polish street art duo (Sainer is the other half) EtamCru. What really stood out about this team? Their street art is actually legal! Unlike most artists, they make sure to work in legal partnerships, which means there are few limitations to how large their art can be. Much of their art is several stories high, and they’ve recently done murals in other cities as well. Go see for yourself how impressive their work is by checking them out on instagram or their website, www.eetamcru.com!


We think Etam Cru has the top street art instagram for several reasons: their creative, detailed work, the fact that they’re changing the game by creating legal street art, and the dedication it must take to make art this large. But what do you think? Do they deserve to be at the top of the list? Did we forget someone important? Let us know in the comments or at @ExpressLoyola using the hashtag #ExpressGlobal

8 thoughts on “5 International Must-Follow Street Art-Grams

  1. If I had an Instagram account I would follow them because their art looks amazing. I like seeing art from around the world and differ et view points because it shows a different perspective which is great.

  2. These are just some of the artists we thought were really interesting! Although you may not have an Instagram account, many artists also have a Twitter account as well as a Facebook page for their fans, which you could try to find them on. Give it try!

  3. All of the street art on here is very unique and interesting. Some are a lot weirder than others and others are bit more toned down a little, but none the less pretty wicked sweet. Pretty slick job Marisa.

  4. I am not a fan of graffiti, so I respect the fact that Etam Cru is going through the proper channels to get their artwork seen. What a sight it must be to see a piece actually being created on such a large scale! Accounts like the ones listed above give people all around the world a chance to appreciate new and different artists. Thanks for bringing these to my attention.

  5. I think all of these artists are incredibly talented. The EtamCru art projects are amazing. They peaked my interest so much that I researched a lot of their work. One thing for sure, this makes me so much more aware of the art that surrounds us on a daily basis.

  6. Thanks for the input, Kim! We’re glad you liked our post! We think it would be pretty awe-inspiring to see art of that scale in person.

  7. Thanks, Mark! We’re glad you checked out EtamCru in more depth–they’re pretty cool!

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