The Expressionist Explores: Woman Made Gallery


On Friday, The Expressionist went to the Woman Made Gallery in Chicago to explore the art they had to offer. This gallery is a non-for-profit organization, whose goal is “to support women in the arts by providing opportunities, awareness and advocacy.”

The Expressionist thought this was a great way to go out and get involved with Chicago’s feminist art scene. We had a great time exploring the gallery and really enjoyed seeing the art!

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Go visit and see it for yourself! Make sure to send us your pictures @ExpressLoyola or #ExpressFEM



2 thoughts on “The Expressionist Explores: Woman Made Gallery

  1. This is really cool! I’m excited to check this place out because I hadn’t heard of this gallery before. Really neat!

  2. Thanks Sarah! We thought it was a great gallery that highlights the achievements of-and showcases-women in the arts!

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