Mary Stewart: Feminism and the Art of Design

“Focus on what women can do rather than what they can’t do. Feminism shouldn’t be about what we can’t do.” – Mary Stewart

Meet Mary Stewart: designer, artist and filmmaker from Belfast, Northern Ireland studying at Loyola as an international exchange student.

Is design an art? What does the design industry look like for women? How can you be part of a simple movement to empower women? Hit that play button below!  Mary knows…

Like what you see? Check out Mary’s online portfolio here!

Interested in the “Lean In” movement? Click here to find out how you can be a part of it!

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Photographs courtesy of Mary Stewart.

14 thoughts on “Mary Stewart: Feminism and the Art of Design

  1. If more young people (women AND men) of today had Mary’s convictions and the courage & confidence to go after them, the future of the world would be a lot brighter.

  2. “Lean In” … I love it !! It is all about taking a first step to involve yourself in something at a higher level. It doesn’t matter how big or small. Have courage in your own voice

  3. Truly inspiring. We have known this all along and even centuries before us. Women has always been the stronger gender so why have we been so hesitant to lean in. Now is the time to do so!

  4. Very interesting! I’ve never seen the field of design through such an intriguing light.

  5. loved this!! So thought provoking – and the term ‘lean in’ … What a wonderful concept!!

  6. The way forward has always been through strong women. Let’s be sure to teach our daughters to “lean in!”

  7. I did not know anything qbout the Lean In movement but now that I do I think that it is an amazing idea and everyone should do it.

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