Inside the Seminary: Catholicism and Art

The Expressionist visited Loyola’s St. Joseph’s College Seminary and interviewed three of the seminarians regarding their views on art and religion.

Special thanks go out to Jay Egan (’17), Dylan Conover (’17), and Michael Malucha (’17) for giving us their time and insight!

You’ve heard their thoughts, The Expressionist would like to hear yours!

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10 thoughts on “Inside the Seminary: Catholicism and Art

  1. Thanks Dylan! We really wanted to capture the wonderful messages in religious art with knowledgeable background in this subject. Thank you so much for your insightful answers in this interview!

  2. I really like what Dylan was saying about how sometimes the art can be over the top but it also makes you think. It was also good to hear that art is part of their religion and they find guidance through it. I would like to hear what other religions think of art and how it impacts them.

  3. Art is a physical way of relating to God. The best line of the video because, as humans, we often view God as the watchmaker of life: he winds it up and lets it run its own natural course. But God is in all we do, like art, and that is how we glorify Him, through art.

  4. I grew up with a lot of religious art and I think it is an important part of relating to the Church and helping everyday people visualize how great the Church is. I really like how ornate Churches are because people loved God so much that they donated their time and money to make something amazing for their God.

  5. I think that using art for religious purposes is a way for the artist to spiritually connect closer to God. Focusing on the religious subject could be like meditation to the artist and this would expand their relationship. As viewers we should not be distracted by the artwork, but appreciate the connection that the artist has with God and admire the hard work that was put into it.

  6. Thanks for your thoughts, Hannah! And personally, I agree! I would love to hear the perspectives of other religions! (Thanks for the great idea for a possible future post!)

  7. I personally really related to that comment as well, Helen! Being someone who dabbles (hah, pun!) in many forms, I’ve found that it definitely enhances my spirituality in certain ways!

  8. Totally, Sarah! Thanks for reading and chiming in!

    Although I can understand where some people might think the over-ornateness of a Church can be distracting, I agree with Dylan’s comments in the video, that someone is creating something so ornate because it’s for or in honor of their God. There is beauty in simplicity, but being in a few ornately decorated Churches as well, I have definitely had that “jaw-dropped, in total awe” moment. The fact that someone goes to great extents is very inspiring!

  9. I totally agree, Rachel! I think religious art is definitely a way for people to focus on God and the sheer talent in a lot of this art continues to amaze me. For me, the detail that people put into religious art is an amazing testament to how much these artists love their religion.

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