Who is Banksy? The Man Behind the Murals

World renowned street artist Banksy has produced some of the world’s most famous and controversial art. Tackling hot topics such as equal rights, environmental justice, and war, Banksy has been able to cover the world in his art. From London to New York, Chicago and the Gaza Strip, city walls have displayed Banksy’s signature stencil work. The catch is, he has managed to remain completely anonymous through it all.



Is his anonymity  part of his charm? Or should we have a face to put to this name?

Have you seen his work? If so, share a picture with us!

Comment your thoughts below!

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12 thoughts on “Who is Banksy? The Man Behind the Murals

  1. I’ve never heard of Banksy before, but I’ll definitely have to check him out. Well done video ladies! Thanks for sharing!

  2. I love Bansky!! He should never reveal his face, if media doesn’t know how he looks like he can keep his freedom and keep doing what he does best.

  3. Wow Megumi! That’s an interesting way to think about his craft! We think what he does is amazing. He is definitely someone who should keep doing what he does, because his street art expresses more than just colorful images-it raises awareness about social issues.

  4. Right Jena?! He’s such an interesting artist! If you still have that picture of the Banksy wall in Chicago, please tweet at us @ExpressLoyola using the hashtag #BanksyLUC with your photo.

  5. Thanks Lauren! We’re glad you enjoyed the video! Stay tuned and check out some of Banksy’s work that we’ll cover on our next blog post, this week.

  6. i have never heard of him before but would like to know more. I wonder why he is so controversial?

  7. Thanks, Gustav! We appreciate your comment and hope you’ll continue reading!

  8. He’s definitely interesting, Hannah! His comments on social issues through his art raise a lot of controversy–especially because street art is technically illegal.

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