#JeSuisLUC: Charlie Hebdo Man on the Street

Je suis Charlie? The Expressionist wanted to know what our audience knew (or didn’t know) about Charlie Hebdo, the attacks in Paris, and whether or not there was something they wanted to learn more about, so we asked Ramblers what they thought.

A huge thank you to the students in our video! Didn’t run into us? No fear! We’d love to hear from you! What are your thoughts on the questions our audience had or do you have any questions of your own- let us know!

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2 thoughts on “#JeSuisLUC: Charlie Hebdo Man on the Street

  1. Great portrayal of what the consciousness of the student community before this tragedy. I had no clue but now that I do I am not sure how I feel about the newspaper and what it did.

  2. Thank you for watching, Dave!

    Before doing research myself, I was in the same boat! Despite the fact that it was on the news and was covered widely, the depth of the situation wasn’t reaching a lot of people- myself included. I knew the basics, but I had no idea what the magazine stood for and it did influence how I ended up feeling about the situation. It also prompted some interesting debates between me and my group of friends.

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