We’ve all done it. Bought a great skirt for that birthday party or New Year’s eve bash, planned a whole outfit around it, looked great that night, and proceeded to wear it exactly zero times after that. If you’re sick of letting those great skirts sit in the back of your closet, here’s some “skirtspiration” for ways to reimagine those seemingly only-for-special-occasion skirts.

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Pair dressy skirts with casual tops to balance each other out. Then pull it together with a neutral blazer to make a cohesive look.

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For skirts with lots of volume, wear a lighter shirt on top. Mix and match bright patterns and bold colors to keep the outfit casual enough for an everyday look.

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Knee-high socks are a great option to pair with a denim skirt that wouldn’t work as well with tights. A simple long sleeve T-shirt is a great way to keep it comfortable and casual.

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A sequin skirt may seem like it would be something you could never wear on the average day, but with a cozy flannel and knit tights it’s a fun addition to an otherwise standard outfit. Alternating light and dark from flannel to skirt to tights to shoes keeps the statement piece from popping too much.

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Wearing all black with this camel colored suede skirt helps it pop. Add a statement necklace to tie it together.

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Skirts with chunky sweaters have been very popular this winter. When you have a neutral colored skirt, try a sweater and tights that are complimenting colors to keep it interesting.

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  1. Great ideas, I like the way you use elements from everyday to tone down the fancy skirts. Get way to stretch a budget.

  2. So true! Thanks for your comment Janice. If you have any other ideas for budget friendly combos let us know on Twitter or Instagram @mychicagostyle

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