I Dream of the 90’s

Jean jackets, overalls, Doc Martin’s… it doesn’t get more 90’s than that. You may have rocked these looks back in the day, but it’s time to break out these classic pieces once again. The 90’s are back but in a whole new way! The era of effortless fashion is the perfect source of inspiration for the busy CHIC student, so grab your Army Jacket and try out some retro cool looks! (but leave the wallet chain and your tamagotchi at home … somethings should stay in the 90’s)


Check out our inspirational pics below!




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5 thoughts on “I Dream of the 90’s

  1. The 90’s were awesome! Long sweaters and stirrup pants! Jean jackets, oh the memories! Nice job bringing back the vibe.

  2. Love the pictures of you! Wish I could purchase some stirrup pants. Always a neat, unwrinkled look. Keep up the great work.

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