Finals Week as told by Project Runway

Getting back from Thanksgiving break and hearing the dreaded word “finals.”

pr when you hear the word final

Which, your professor failed to mention would be on Saturday. Saturday night.

pr when someone says finals is next week

Oh, and by the way, you still have a group project.

pr group projects

*Gets 10th email reminding you to take a class evaluation*

pr when you get emails for teccher evals

Then you find out you have three finals on Monday,

pr when you have one night to cram for 3 finals

So you head to the IC, but someone took the last seat at your friends table.

pr when someone takes your spot in the IC

Hour 1: You first crack open your notes and reality sets in…

pr staring at your laptop like

Hour 10: You look out the window and see happy people and remember what having fun is like…

pr when bae walks by in the IC

Hour 17: You run out of coffee and you have 3 more pages to go on your essay…

pr after an all nighter

Hour 24: You are so tired that what you think are the words of genius are actually gibberish…

pr when you just loose it

But you pulled that all nighter and now the sun is rising over the lake and it just looks so pretty!

pr when you pull an allnighter and the sunrise is really pretty

And now the caffeine is starting to kick in…you KNOW what that means…

pr when the caffine starts kicking in

You’re starving so you make your way all the way to Mertz for finals brunch but nothing is left.

pr when you get to the finals meal too late and nothing is left

You walk into your 9 am test and think to yourself “I’ve got this” …

pr trying to stay awake

…but the person next to you is having a mental breakdown.

pr when the person next to u has a mental breakdown
Walking out of your last final and knowing you rocked it…

pr xmas break

When you get your test back and you ALMOST got a question right but you were just missing something.

pr when you almost get a question right but miss a part

Watching a group presentation and that one person won’t stop saying “like”

pr when that one presenter says like 837726 too many times

When your professor asks you to evaluate yourself.

pr when teachers ask you to evaluate yourslef

pr evaluating yourself

…then you get your peer evaluations back.

pr when you get your group evals back and your group roasted you

Finally getting to sell your books back and expecting to get a ton of cash, but only getting $10.

pr the beginning of the semester

When it’s time to say goodbye to your BFF and you realize you won’t see them for a whole month!

pr saying goodbye to your friends

…BUT now it’s time for Winter Break!!!

when you get to go home

Finals week is rough, but we know you’ve got this! Good Luck!

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