Countdown of Outfit Inspiration

Tired of seeing the same old sparkly dress when trying to find some New Year’s Eve fashion inspiration? Well, here’s a countdown of some of the most stylish celebs to help you put together a look that will make you stand out as we go into 2016.


Emma’s classic style can work for every girl. Take a cue from her and try a bold new cut when picking out that NYE dress.


Try something a bit more on the girly side of things and copy one of Aidy’s fun patterned dresses!


Stand out by taking a look from the queen of wearing bright colors, MINDY! Don’t be afraid of hot pink or bright blues!


    More of the edgy or sport type? Cara has you covered. A funky jacket and cool boots is all it takes to steal Cara’s cool look.


    Of course our number one has to be Rihanna. Dance the night away a bold look like RIRI’s! Adding bright colors and lots of texture to your look will make sure all eyes will be on you.

Leave a comment on what your favorite celebrity inspiration is! Show us your NYE looks on instagram and twitter, and follow us for more tips and tricks!

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