CHIC of the Week: Sarah Kovathana

RA. ((dop)) Marketing Director. General badass.


Meet Sarah! She is our CHIC of the week, and for good reason. Besides having a killer personal style that is all her own, she is involved all over campus. She literally does it all, this girl is a modern day superwoman. And she uses her superpowers for good, by being a positive role model for positivity and empowerment in all of her leadership roles.


CS: What does fashion mean to you and how does it fit into your everyday life?

SK: I think it’s less about fashion and more about personal style. While fashion can influence my personal style, I only do trends if I like them.


CS: How would you describe your personal style?

SK: I’m kind of all over the place. I like edgier and rock n’ roll. I do the boho thing, but I’m also really into men’s wear. I can dress anywhere from preppy to a hippie. But if I had to label it I would say rock n’ roll fairy princess.

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CS: Do you have a go-to piece that you wear when you want to feel put-together, but you don’t have a lot of time or still want to be comfortable?

SK: For me, tights always pull an outfit together. I have a bunch of colorful tights and different patterns. You can wear basics and put on a cool pair of tights and it looks like you did it on purpose.


CS: What’s one trend you have really liked lately?

SK: I know it’s been very 90s lately, with band shirts and flannels and I just love that aesthetic.


CS: Do you use your style and what you wear as a means of feeling confident and empowered?

SK: For sure. I’m a big advocate of outside in. You wear a nice outfit and you just have a better day because you’re like, ‘I look really great today,’ and it helps you feel better on the inside. It’s not the only thing that matters in life, but you have a little extra pep in your step when you have a great outfit on.

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CS: How do you personally approach dressing for yourself versus dressing for others?

SK: For me it’s all about, ‘are you satisfied with how you look?’ and even when people question my choices I am confident enough in myself that I can stand by it. Sometimes those are my favorite outfit choices. Even when people are like, ‘uh, I don’t know about that.’ It makes me happy, and that’s what matters.


CS: What other ways have you found to empower yourself other than through your clothes?

SK: Learning to speak up. Not just in those little moments, but finding the strength within yourself to say something that you think, even to someone in power. I’ve learned to value my own opinion.

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CS: Do you consider yourself a feminist? And if so what does being a feminist mean to you in your everyday life?

SK: Yeah I consider myself a feminist. I think that anyone who believes in the equality of the genders is a feminist. I think it’s all about addressing thing in the moment, when people say things like ‘you throw like a girl.’ Stopping and addressing it goes a long way in hopefully changing how people think about equality in their everyday lives.


CS: To be able to speak up about what you believe, you first must know what you believe. How have you discovered what your personal beliefs are?

SK: Growing up, kids tend to hear a very homogenous opinion for parents and teachers. Coming to college, one thing that is really valuable is that you get to see the spectrum of opinions. That is a huge thing. You have to know what’s out there before you can decide what you believe. I am just a curator for opinions. In the end, I decide which ones I align with more and those are the ones I stick with. But we all still are developing.


CS: You have a lot of leadership roles on campus and an ability to influence a lot of people. How have you tried to wield that power of influence to be a role model for others?

SK: It’s all about walking your talk. Being a conscious person and committing to your values is a big deal as far as being a leader and a role model.


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