A Blazer a Day Keeps the Fashion Police Away

Need one magical piece that you can rock any day of the week? A blazer is the answer to your prayers. Besides being exceptionally versatile, blazers are comfortable, functional, and can class up almost any outfit, from graphic T’s to your LBD. 



The start of the week can be rough, so a comfortable and easy look is a must.  Keep it casual with a graphic T and add a bold pop with colored jeans. Then, of course, finish it off with a classic black blazer to feel put together without any hassle– even on a Monday.

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Many of our CHIC students have jobs and internships during the week. Cue your classic bold, black blazer. There’s no better way to stay classy and professional without getting sucked into the humdrum pantsuit life. The key with this look is a well-tailored blazer in a classic cut. 



While you’re running around the city and going to class, comfortable clothes you can move in are important. If you need an everyday look and want something warmer than a cardigan for breezy fall weather, a light colored blazer is the way to go.




Usually blazers dress up an outfit, but sometimes a neutral blazer can help keep an outfit professional and casual enough for a daytime look. Mixing a light colored blazer with a darker dress will make an evening outfit ready to wear the whole day.




The same concept of light and dark applies with this look too. A light colored blazer keeps this black on black leggings look dressed down enough to work as a daytime look. This is a great way to compose an outfit that can transition into a night-on-the-town look without having to change.




This blazer is the cherry on top of a killer outfit for a swanky Saturday night. Look posh and polished with a cropped blazer for those nights when you splurge on dinner and a show downtown.




A blazer is basic that goes with your Sunday best. From Church to brunch and beyond, a light blazer with an easy fall-colored dress will make you feel prepared for anything the day will bring.



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