Golden Late Night Adventure

Tired of going to the same late night restaurants around campus? Are you looking to try something different? With the help of our two friends Marissa and Jacob, we found the perfect place to cure your late night cravings!IMG_1829

Marissa and Jacob are both sophomores at Loyola University Chicago. This past Sunday, they took Windy City Secrets to Golden Nugget, a hidden Chicago staple that isn’t really known on campus. Golden Nugget sounds like a place where you might get some crisp brown chicken nuggets, but that’s not the case. It’s a classic diner that serves breakfast and lunch 24 hours a day, with seven locations spread across Chicago.

The most popular item at Golden Nugget is their big fluffy pancakes. Since the pancakes come in an order of four, Marissa and Jacob advised us Golden Nugget rookies to split the order to save money. Most people may think that two pancakes won’t fill them up, but these pancakes are big and come in a variety of types. We decided to take their advice and ordered the Chocolate Oreo pancakes!

Check out Marissa and Jacob’s thoughts on Golden Nugget:

Marissa P.

“I like the cool classic brick aesthetic of the diner. The vibe is really chill with top pop and hip hop songs playing. The place is quiet and not too crowded and it makes it feel more intimate and cozy! The fact that it’s open late makes it perfect for late night munchies. It’s the perfect place for late night adventures with my best friends,”

Jacob S.

“The servers were very polite and knew the things on the menu very well. As far as the food, the pancakes are the way to go. They have 12 different types of pancakes to cater to what you are feeling at 2 am in the morning. My favorite pancakes are the cinnamon roll pancakes. I would 10/10 recommend. The food is also brought out pretty fast. This is my #1 late night restaurant,”


 IMG_1824 (1)


If you are up late night studying and need some food, check out one of Golden Nugget’s seven locations. Know of a place that serves delicious late night food? Let us know on Twitter, @WindyCitySecret!