It’s Nifty to be Thrifty

Ever have trouble deciding where to shop for quality clothes but don’t want to pay full price? Windy City Secrets is here to help! We interviewed a fellow student from the Windy City and asked how he has become a pro thrift shopper.

Mark, 19, Sophomore at DePaul University

Hometown: Oak Forest, Illinois

Q: What are your secrets for getting the most out of thrift shopping?

A: In my opinion, the best way to get the most out of thrift shopping is to look for clothes that fit above all else, and be flexible as to what you’re looking for.

Q: Do you generally have a budget and purpose when shopping or do you choose to go for fun?
A: Usually I have a budget in mind, but I’ll usually just grab anything that looks like it’s a good deal.

Q: What’s the best way to find places for thrift shopping?

A: One of the best ways is to just walk around your neighborhood looking for thrift stores and checking out the ones that interest you. Other than that, I use Google.

Q: Do you go to the same thrift stores, generally, or do you choose different ones every time? Also, what are your favorite thrift stores?

A: I have one or two thrift stores that I usually frequent. They’re the ones that are closest to me, and I usually find good stuff there. My favorite thrift store has got to be Plato’s closet. They’re a chain that only stocks name-brand clothes for teenagers and young adults. I almost always find some good deals when I go there.

Have other tips on how to get the most of of your thrift shopping experience? Comment below and share your thoughts with us!

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  1. These were great ideas! Mark is such a stylish guy! Thrift shopping is super easy in the city and i should definitely take advantage of it!

  2. Thanks for your input, Emily! I agree; the city definitely has a lot to offer and I’m glad we, as students, have the chance to explore it more and more every day!

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