Thrifty Halloween Finds at the Village

Just like midterms, Halloween is upon us. If you’re anything like us, you have a tendency to procrastinate. Not only did we put off writing our midterm papers, but we also waited until the last minute to find Halloween costumes! So instead of spending $40 on a pre-packaged costume, we decided to visit Village Discount Outlet to put together a costume for our Audience Engagement Coordinator, Elijah.

Village Discount Outlet is located at 4898 North Clark Street, right off the Argyle Red Line stop. When we first walked into the store, we were instantly hit with the sight of treasures waiting to be discovered. The aisles were sorted by color, item, and size, while the walls were lined with giant posters promoting the upcoming Halloween sale. It may seem a little overwhelming at first, but once you find a place to start, there’s no turning back.

The first item we found was a baby blue UNC Chapel Hill baseball jersey for $6. This was an easy costume, but we were determined to find something better. As we pushed our wobbly cart down another aisle, we spotted a zebra long sleeve t-shirt. We decided making Elijah into a majestic zebra was exactly what we wanted to do! So we picked up the $3 t-shirt and continued to shop for pants to go with it. In the next aisle were jackets on jackets on jackets. None of them fit the zebra theme, but we did get Elijah to try on a fluffy, furry one. Even though we got a kick out of him in the jacket, it didn’t fit the costume. Luckily, we found a pair of zebra print pajamas in the next aisle over. We had found the perfect costume for Elijah and it only cost $6!






Shopping at Village Discount Outlet was a great experience. The shoppers were all very diverse and the atmosphere fit the products it was selling. Every piece of clothing had a different story behind it, just like the people we were shopping with. The store is full of cheap jackets, dresses, shoes, and denim pants for you to make a great costume with this Halloween.

Did you go the smart route and thrift your Halloween costume this year? Share a picture of your costume with us on Instagram, @windycitysecrets! We’ll repost our favorites!