Students Share City Secrets

This week we asked a graduate, senior and transfer student from Loyola University Chicago to let us in on their favorite secrets here in the Windy City. We asked how they uncovered them and what about these secret spots make them unique. Check out the responses below!

Jake, 23, Graduate Student at Loyola University Chicago

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Hometown: St. Charles, Illinois

Logan Square Park. “This summer I worked for a lifestyle website and I reviewed a lot of restaurants and bars in Logan Square. Between going to places I would stop at Logan Square Park. It’s an interesting park located in the middle of a really busy intersection. There’s a big statue and all of the light posts have bike tires around them. It’s a very eclectic crowd. There are people biking, skateboarding, people walking their dogs, and people reading. I would usually just sit there and do some homework or hang out or call someone. I really enjoyed my time in Logan Square Park.”

Taylor, 21, Senior at Loyola University Chicago (Institute of Environmental Sustainability)

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Hometown: Long Island, New York

Quimby’s bookstore. “I came across it when I was exploring the Bucktown neighborhood my sophomore year. We had been to Myopic books which is in Wicker Park, but Quimby’s is very atypical. It’s very independent and has a lot of alternative subjects and a huge Chicago zine section. They support a lot of Chicago-based authors. They have books about things that are interesting, but you may not necessarily seek out on your own.”

Amber, 21, Transfer Student at Loyola University Chicago

Hometown: Wheeling, Illinois

Previous College: Southern Illinois University Carbondale

Pick Me Up Cafe. “I found out about the cafe through a friend of mine. It is a quaint little restaurant in Wrigleyville off of the Addison Red Line stop. It has a super laid back and chill atmosphere and affordable prices, which makes it perfect for college students! Their menu features a selection of breakfast options, coffee, tea and late night specials.”

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