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Schubas Tavern: What You’ve Been Missing

Do you feel as though your cliche music venues have been missing something?

To be quite frank, they probably have. The United Center can hold a big crowd but it lacks the intimate vibes and local flavor that some of our not-so-well-known venues offer.

Luckily for us all, such a thing as Schubas Tavern exists.

If Urban Outfitters, your grandpas sweater and a record store decided to create a performance hall, it would be Schubas.



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4 Reasons You Should See Lost At Land

Whether you’re from here or not, it comes as no surprise that Chicago has been a significant music hub for the past decade. With so many bands spawning from one location, it has become a personal quest for college music lovers to find the next big thing, and I think I’ve found it. Lost At Land, a versatile punk band made up of local Chicago college students, has been playing shows all over the city for the past few years. I got a chance to catch up with Keagan Potts, the band’s bassist, and he gives you 4 reasons why you should make a trip to one of their next concerts.

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The Empty Bottle: The Place You Didn’t Know You Were Looking For

The Empty Bottle, located at 1035 N. Western Avenue, is the place to be to catch alternative bands on the west side of Chicago. Located in the Ukrainian Village neighborhood, The Empty Bottle typically has a line outside of their doors with people waiting to see the live bands. But don’t worry, you’ll fit right in with the young crowd as this venue is wildly popular with people in their early 20’s.

The inside of The Empty Bottle has a unique touch to it that separates it from a traditional music venue. Whereas bigger music venues are styled to be more visually appealing, The Empty Bottle has a different ambience. You will find a wall of plastic doll heads that brings out a creepy aura. There is also a police squad car door hanging on top of the entrance wall. A piano that has been modified into a DJ booth is next to the bar. A photo booth is also located inside, which is a nice touch for someone who is trying to capture their experience.

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