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Yoko and the Oh No’s: Raw Sound, Blurred Scene

Chicago-based band, Yoko and the Oh No’s,  are an up-and-coming garage rock band that proclaim they “want to make you dance.” From their soulful sound to energetic dance moves, Yoko and the Oh No’s bring the party.

Check them out:


Why You Should Give Local Bands Your Loyalty

In order to gain some more insight about the Chicago underground music scene, we thought it would be best to talk to someone who not only listens to local bands in Chicago but has grown up with them as well. Sam Kociak, a 20-year-old DePaul student comes from Elmhurst which is home to some incredible musical talent, including Modern Vices, The Orwells, The Symposium, and more. As someone who is familiar with Chicago-based bands, we asked him a few questions to find out more information.

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The Craziest Band We’ve Ever Seen and You Can’t Miss

The Orwells, a five-part band that hails from Elmhurst, gave an off-the-wall performance at The Revolution Brewing 5 Year Anniversary Party on Friday, March 13th at The Riviera. Located directly off the Lawrence Red Line stop, The Riviera is conveniently set for anyone looking to see a show at an open, old-style venue.

While The Orwells were the second act to go on, there was no doubt they stole the show from the opener Beer Nuts and headliner Andrew W.K. With their melodic, carefree and dirty vibe, the crowd was instantly transfixed by the garage-rock sound. From mosh pit circles up front to dancing and head nodding in the back, the eccentric performance brought all eyes to the stage.


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