About Us

Our Mission

Uncovering Loyola is dedicated to creating a blog that provides undergraduate students a guide on how to get involved on campus. Our team introduces student leaders, organizations and events with the hopes of bringing opportunities to network, build resumes and more.

Uncovering Our Team


Michelle is a story editor for Uncovering Loyola. She is a second-year student  as a journalism major with a minor in Asian Language & Literature. Michelle is also on the executive board of LUC’s Korean Student Organization as the Event Director. With a passion for writing and video production, Michelle hopes that her involvement in Uncovering Loyola can help other students at LUC find a club/organization that will provide them with exciting new chapters to their college experience!


Emma is the audience engagement coordinator. She is a freshman at Loyola majoring in public relations and advertising, with a minor in leadership studies. She is currently a member of the sorority Alpha Chi Omega, where she has connected with a group of strong women leaders. Like many Loyola students, is looking to join other clubs here at LUC.


Nicholas is a freshman Journalism major at Loyola. He is the ideas coordinator for Uncovering Loyola and is in charge of helping the team organize post ideas each week. He is involved in the Loyola club Brothers for Excellence where men of color have the opportunity to be in a space created for unity, brotherhood, and achieving their goals. He hopes to expose others to clubs that will offer a similar positive experience to what he has felt being involved with B4E.


Mae is the visual editor for Uncovering Loyola. She is studying film production and enjoys practicing her filming and editing skills through Uncovering Loyola, along with a club on campus known as Kettle Camp Studios (TV studio club). She has established connections with students with similar interest, while introducing her to critical new skills and experience. Mae also participates in the Club Softball Team and finds it a great outlet to relieve stress. Her hopes are that students can have a similar experience to hers.


Mike, the researcher, is an Advertising and Public Relations major at Loyola and is currently enrolled In his second semester of his sophomore year. He loves using his knowledge of available resources to produce the most informative, up to date, and appealing content for the Loyola student community. While being heavily involved in clubs around campus, Mike is always looking for new and exciting opportunities to share with fellow students.


Liliana is one of the story editors for Uncovering Loyola. She is freshman who is a Journalism and Environmental Science major. Along with that she is involved with Alumni relations at Loyola. This has brought about many interesting things about Loyola that now influence her to share them through Uncovering Loyola.