Java with the Jesuit

Whether you’re down for a chat about surfing in Hawaii, religion or politics, Father Jay is your man. Not only is he a Loyola professor and a Jesuit, but Father Jay is every Loyola student’s best friend. With the Easter holiday coming up, the Uncovering Loyola team is proud to present LUC’s very own, Father Jay.

Father Jay has been at Loyola for 40 years–probably a lot longer than most students here have been alive. After spending so much time here on campus, he definitely knows a thing or two about getting involved at Loyola. Several ways Father Jay gets involved is through ‘Java with the Jesuit’ and Tuesday nights in Baumhart. No matter where he is, Father Jay builds amazing relationships with each and every individual with thoughtful discussions. Father Jay just wants to listen–because every Rambler has something to say.

“Java with the Jesuit,” or as Father Jay calls it, his office hours, are the conversations he has with students over coffee. Aside from his office hours, he is well-known for his 6:30-8:30 AM Starbucks spot. Some students make actual appointments with Father Jay and others just stop by to chat.

Father Jay takes pride in talking about what he calls “the most interesting topics in the world”: sex, politics, and religion. He wants people to know it’s okay to talk about these things. Although he may not always be on the same page as others, there is always mutual respect. Father Jay wants to stray away from the misconception that a priest cannot have these conversations with an open mind.

Another way Father Jay tries to connect with students is through everyone’s favorite thing: food. On Tuesday nights in Baumhart, Father Jay takes his cooking experience to the test and brings a cart around to students in the building. As he typically makes dishes from all around the world, this often sparks conversation about his global travels. These Tuesday nights provide a way for Father Jay to build relationships with students and encourage them to get more involved.

As for involvement in campus ministry, Father Jay believes that social service is the biggest way to gain meaningful experience. Every Thursdays at 6 o’clock, volunteers meet in Baumhart to make food and go out to the Gold Coast to feed the homeless.

Father Jay can be found in his office on the second floor of Baumhart. For students who are interested in becoming more involved, you can simply start by attending Father Jay’s masses. His masses are offered through Loyola and at the Quigley Center downtown. Regardless of your religion, you should take the time to head downtown and talk with Father Jay.
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4 thoughts on “Java with the Jesuit

  1. Father Jay seems like a very interesting man. It’s nice to know Loyola has a well-rounded staff.

  2. Hi Melissa! We thought so, too. Have you had a chance to meet any other notable staff at Loyola that you think we should cover?

  3. Father Jay sounds cool! Maybe I’ll stop by for a conversation with him someday 🙂 Thank you guys for the information!

  4. Thanks for your feedback, Emily! Father Jay is a wonderful connection to have for involvement. Let us know how that conversation goes.

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