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Latest Phishing Email Subj: Help Desk

Posted on: July 25th, 2018 by Jim Pardonek

Here is the latest phish.  This email is not from Loyola ITS.  If you see it in your mailbox please delete it.

From: Gomez Illanes Paulina Andrea
Sent: Tuesday, July 24, 2018 6:44 PM
Subject: Help Desk



We’re moving all email accounts to the new 2018 web application. Update your email account below to make the upgrade and migration effective. This is done to improve our security and performance.

To avoid deleting your email from our server. Click the link below to verify your email details. >>>> hxxps://

Remember that if you do not update your e-mail address before Monday, July. 29, 2018, your email account will be deactivated. Thank you for using our e-mail account.

Best regards,
ITS Help-desk
Office of Information Services (ITS)

Esta comunicación (incluidos sus anexos) es Información Confidencial, dirigida exclusivamente a su destinatario, quien deberá resguardar la confidencialidad. Queda prohibido la divulgación, modificación, reproducción o uso de la información aquí contenida por cualquier otra persona que no sea su destinatario. Si Ud. ha recibido este mail por error, le agradeceremos nos lo informe a la brevedad respondiendo a este e-mail a la dirección del remitente, destruya las copias y por favor, borre de su sistema el mensaje recibido.

This message (including any attachments) constitutes Confidential Information, and is intended for the exclusive use of the named addressee, who shall preserve its confidentiality. Readers of this message other than the intended recipient are forbidden to disseminate, modify, distribute or reproduce this message. If you have received this email in error please notify us immediately by replying to the sender of this message, discard any copies, and delete this message from your system.

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