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30 Reasons Why We LOVE Loyola

30 Reasons Why We LOVE Loyola


With Valentine’s Day approaching and everyone talking about love, it only seemed appropriate to talk about what Loyola staff and current students have to say about their relationship with Loyola.

Here are 30 reasons staff and students love Loyola:

  1. The ability to go abroad to the Rome center. – Ellen
  2. The incorporation of social justice into academics. – Judy Kyrkos
  3. The small campus feel with access to the city. – Lexy Rux
  4. Being in Chicago. – Maggie
  5. The small class sizes; it really feels like you get one-on-one time with the professors. – Patrick
  6. Being on a beautiful campus with access to downtown. – Adam Buller
  7. Living in Mertz and the chicken tenders from Damen Dining Hall. – Katie
  8. The sense of community. – Ricky Mott
  9. The beautiful campus and social justice focus in all of my classes. – Kara
  10. The small campus feel. – Shaniqua
  11. How the core classes make us a well-rounded person. – Elise
  12. How self-aware the student body is. I’ve never encountered an impolite person on campus. – John
  13. The community feel, size of campus, friendly/welcoming environment, and small class size. – Christy Vargas
  14. How there are Vegan and gluten-free options in the dining halls. – Sarah
  15. Dynamics of taking class on the lake shore campus and downtown. It’s nice to experience the best of both worlds. – Claire
  16. Class sizes, pretty campus, and nice/passionate professors. – Carlee
  17. Diverse community. – Samantha
  18. Friendly environment on campus. – Brittney
  19. Approachable teachers who seem to enjoy their jobs and always want to help you do your best. – Gabby
  20. The view of the lake. – Shannon
  21. I feel safe on campus. – Adrian
  22. Loyola has always given me the opportunity to succeed. – Aaron Brunmeier
  23. The architecture of campus. – Brian
  24. The sense of community. – Aliyah Jervier
  25. I love that Loyola offers something for anyone and everyone who attends so that they can be a part of something and feel included. – Hiba Abbas
  26. I LOVE that every time I step outside and see our beautiful campus I get excited for my day no matter how stressful it is. – Lucy Mooney
  27. I love that Loyola has so many things to offer to their students. Whether it be information on study abroad, fairs talking about feminism, or tutoring for certain classes, Loyola does an amazing job providing us with tools for success. I think that since there are so many resources offered, any type of student can feel like this school is a perfect fit for them. – Katherine Weir
  28. Loyola fosters education both inside and outside the classroom enabling YOU to grow immensely. Upon graduating from Loyola in the spring of 2015, Loyola has taught me that the aim of my education is not the facts, but rather of values. –Joe Sadofsky
  29. How connected students are to the Loyola community. – Callie Short
  30. How Loyola shares the same values as myself. – Alyson Crutchfield

Happy Valentine’s Day from Loyola University Chicago!

Valentine’s Day ’13

Valentine’s Day ’13

It’s Valentine’s Day 2013, and the love is in the air…metaphorically speaking. Couples are probably going to be going out tonight to celebrate one another, but what about those of us without a significant other? Well, for us, we have other “significants”- our friends and families.

For example, tonight after my Operations Management exam, I’ll be heading over to my cousin’s place to hang out with her, and throughout the day, I hope to spread some love to my mom, my grandmother, and the other important people in my life.

They say that Valentine’s Day is about celebrating romantic love for someone, but I’m changing the rules this year: I’m celebrating my endless love for all my significant others because celebrating that love is just as important, if not more.

Many people have a picture painted in their head that when they come to college, they are going to meet their soulmate. For some, this happens; for others, the time comes later. But it’d be a shame for those who haven’t had that happen yet to hide in their rooms with a box of chocolates and an anti-Valentine’s Day movie.

Instead, people should remember all the other great people that they have met. I’ve made important friends during my time here, and I’ve been acquainted with so many interesting people. For me personally, not only did I make new friends, but I also strengthened my bond with old friends and family. That’s definitely something worth celebrating.

So to all the couples out there, to the parents, the children, friends, cousins, siblings, grandparents, future people we all have yet to meet and love…Happy Valentine’s Day.

Saturdays are for Sleeping…and Thinking A lot

Saturdays are for Sleeping…and Thinking A lot

Sleeping in on the weekends is one of things to look forward to most every week. This Saturday, after getting a full night’s worth of sleep, I’m mainly spending my time curled up with my homework because classes have piled up. There’s something for me to do for every class; for example, right now, I’m studying for my first test of the semester, for my Operations Management class this Thursday.

Though most people see this upcoming Thursday as Valentine’s Day, I view it as Exam Day, and I’m pretty excited about it. Thus far, my classes have been intriguing and my teachers have been awesome. My motivation in school has stretched to motivation in other aspects of my life, such as thinking about what jobs and internships to apply to and where I want to be in a little over a year from now.

It’s crazy to think about how quickly this school year has flown by, and how I’ll be graduating from college in just over a year. I can feel the tears coming on.

The beginning of this semester and recent events have been making me really put my life in perspective, something that I think is really important for people to do. I went through this same feeling last year around this time, and it was the best part of my year. I’m finally putting the focus back on the important aspects of my life, which right now are my education and health, and they are top priority.

Whether you are an incoming freshman, a graduating senior, or someone like me who is in the middle, it’s easy to be swept away from your aspirations and goals by unseen obstacles, disapproving people, and even self-doubt. I’m re-realizing now that these aspirations and goals are the most valuable part of us, and without them, we are lost whether we realize it or not.

I constantly give advice on what to do about different things: how to deal with stress, tips for interviews, etc, but a big piece of advice that I’m not sure I have said yet is stay true to yourself and what you want and need out of your life, both now and in the future. You don’t need to have your life figured out to have a basic gut instinct about where you want to be. You just need to have faith in yourself and believe that you are going down the right path. Everything else will fall into place.

Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day

Despite this sweet holiday falling on a weekday, my friends and I got “snazzied” up for dinner and a movie.  I didn’t think many people would be out and about Tuesday night, but plenty of couples and groups of friends were dining around downtown.  The original plan was to hit up the Grand Lux, but they do not accept reservations and the hour and a half long wait was too much considering our plans to see “The Vow” later that evening.

Our ingenuity led us to split up and find an equally charming and delicious place that could accommodate our  time constraints.  We ended up at Big Bowl, which doesn’t necessarily have that Valentine’s dinner charm, but the five minute wait what exactly what we needed considering our ensuing hunger.

I was very excited to see the movie, not only because Rachel McAdams is adorable and I love “The Notebook,” but I learned the setting is in Chicago!  I won’t give away anything, but McAdams’ character ends up living in Rogers Park at one point.

Overall, it was a great time!

Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s day, the dreaded holiday by almost all people. If you’re single, you are reminded of just how boyfriendless or girlfriendless you are. Or, if you have a significant other, like me, you are faced with the stress of getting them something, or doing something for them. And how much are you supposed to do? Is he going to get you something big? Because if he does, I need to figure out what to get him. But what do you get a boy on valentines day? After thinking of all these questions, I was stressed out about impending holiday.

See, the problem is that some people hate Valentine’s day, while a few love it and make a great big fuss over it. The trick is being able to tell what type of person your boy/girlfriend is. If you have not been able to tell yet, I am one of those people who don’t particularly enough the holiday. It’s not a hate, I mean who doesn’t like spending time with their significant other and making it special? It’s just that I never know what I, as a girl, am supposed to do for the holiday. More specifically I’m not sure what I should do for him.

So, about a week and a half before Valentine’s day I called my boyfriend and told him flat out: I have not gotten you anything for valentines day and I don’t want to make a big deal of it. We should just keep it chill and don’t surprise me with any big gifts. To my relief, he had not gotten me anything yet either. We agreed that he would come visit for the weekend and that our time together would be our gift to each other.

This turned out to be the best Valentines gift I could have hoped for. Having Chicago as a backyard really pays off when people come visit. We went ice skating in Millennium park (it’s free, and only $10 to rent skates), and then went to a nice dinner at Devon’s Seafood Grill (a little pricer), which is a restaurant right by Loyola’s downtown campus. I payed for the skates while he payed for the dinner and it was the perfect way to spend Valentines day.

Ice skating in the park!