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Music Mix!

Music Mix!

I’m always on the run from one place to another, from class to class, job to job, stores, meetings, anything else imaginable. Therefore, I always have my phone charged and headphones in, listening to music. Every genre has it’s own beauty to me, so I have a little (actually a lot) of everything in my iTunes. I’ve been meaning to write this blog of some of my favorite songs, and now I finally found the chance.

  1. Danza Kuduro” by Don Omar– this song is one of my absolute favorites. I heard it for the first time towards the end of my freshman year of college from the movie Fast Five, and have listened to it nonstop since.
  2. “Fire Escape” by Civil TwilightCivil Twilight is an indie rock band with many catchy songs, and this is just one of my favorites by them. It’s the 13th most played song on my iTunes.
  3. “Kiss Me” and “Give Me Love” by Ed Sheeran. When I’m looking for something calm to listen to, I always turn to these two songs first. They’re perfect for when I’m alone and want to close my eyes and relax a bit at the end of a long day.
  4. “Better Than a Stereo Dream Stereo Love Mashup” by Kap Slap- no song mashups/remixes have anything on this one. It’s really well made and I love to listen to it during my workouts.
  5. “More” by Usher– speaking of workouts, this song always gives me the extra boost I need when I’m reaching the end of a run. Who cares if it was overplayed and everyone knows it?
  6. “Lead Me Home” by Jamie N. Commons– this is one of the newest songs I’ve heard, and I got it from the end of a recent “The Walking Dead” episode. It’s short and chilling, and I’ve caught myself multiple times now listening to it on repeat.
  7. “You’ll Think of Me” by Keith Urban– so soft and soothing, I love to listen to this country tune when I’m driving.
  8. “Bangarang” by Skrillex featuring Sirah– This dubstep song is one that I can never listen to and sit still, so I don’t sit still! It works wonders to wake me up when I’m tired, no coffee necessary.
  9. “Half Moon” by Blind Pilot– Even though it’s called Half Moon, I love listening to it in the early morning because it’s great for welcoming a new day.
  10. Anything by Anberlin, such as “Inevitable”, “Fin”, “Art of War”, and “Type Three”, no explanation required for why I love them so much. I even went to their concert alone last year and it was amazing.
  11. Finally, anything by Hollywood Undead“Coming Back Down”, “Circles”, “This Love This Hate”, and “Dead Bite” are my top picks from their various albums. They are one of the few bands I have yet to see live that I really want to, so please come back to Chicago!
Spring Break is Right Around The Corner

Spring Break is Right Around The Corner

It’s the most wonderful time! Of the Spring semester that is. IT”S SPRING BREAK! There’s one week left before students head home, overseas or even just hang out in their off campus apartments for a week. There’s plenty to do and nothing to do at the same time, and I’ll be embracing every moment of it.

This year for break, I’m heading down south to Mexico with my family to soak up some rays (some pictures will be shown upon my return). We haven’t been on vacation in years, though, so all my other college Spring Breaks have been spent at home. Therefore, I know exactly what it’s like to look forward to break… and then feel bored and unproductive during it.

Have no fear, though. This blog is dedicated to making a list of things to do during Spring Break 2013, with things I have done and things I have yet to do.

1. Pick up that hobby you’ve been waiting to start- Whether it’s writing a book, knitting, Mixed Martial Arts, or Video blogging, just do it already! I know- this applies to me too in regards to the video blogging.

2. Catch up on your television shows- Watching your favorite shows in college can be hard when you have night classes during them, you don’t have the right channels, and you just plain don’t have the time. So take some time (but not too much!) to enjoy your favorites- because The Walking Dead, The Vampire Diaries and Pretty Little Liars are all awesome.

3. “Dolce Far Niente”- I’m picking up snippets of Italian here and there, and this saying translates to “The sweetness of doing nothing”. So go ahead, be daring, and spend some alone time with yourself being idle. This may seem scary, but how many people can say that they’ve mastered the art of just spending time with themselves, getting to know themselves while doing absolutely nothing at all? Consider this my challenge to you.

4. Redecorate something- This can mean redecorating your room at home, your apartment, yourself or your life. Or you can do all of the above. This week may be short, but it’s plenty of time to evaluate your life both physically and mentally. Clean out your closet finally and donate your old things. Repaint. Hit the gym and get a haircut. Check in with your New Year’s resolutions and see how they are going. Making little alterations or beginning to make big ones is a great way to productively spend time. It’s called Spring-cleaning for a reason.

Now, you may be wondering why all the activities on my list seem rather individualistic. Include other people in them if you want and can! But from personal experience, I’ve noticed that I don’t hang out with too many people during my Spring break because our breaks are different, we’re in different locations, I want to take time for myself, whatever the reason.

Also, it’s pretty easy to come up with things to do with friends. Are you more likely to go bowling with friends or by yourself? When you are on own, the feeling of nothing to do and a lack of motivation kicks in, so sometimes it takes some outside help to get inspired. Therefore, hopefully, you guys will do one (or all) of the activities above during your week vacation to preoccupy yourselves.