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Back in Baumhart

Back in Baumhart

As I start this post, I must first note that it is seriously FREEZING outside!  While walking from class to class today, I had to concentrate very hard on finding the motivation and willpower to leave from one building to the next.  But alas, I am now in the safe and warm confines of my Baumhart Hall and now that my fingers are sufficiently warm, I will now proceed to share my tales from winter break and other current affairs.

Winter break seemed like a promising time to catch on some much needed rest and relaxation, but in all honesty, I have never seen four weeks go by so quickly.  I definitely let myself slip into some bad habits.  These habits include, but are not limited to… nocturnal sleep patterns (resulting in sleeping in to very unreasonable hours of the day), eating unjustified amounts of junk food and watching TLC.

Let me explain that last one.  Normally I watch very little, in fact, almost no TV.  As there isn’t much to do in my hometown, I began to explore the array of channels offered by our DISH and I stumbled upon TLC.  This channel has some of the most terrifying shows I have ever seen. Examples include  “Hoarding: Buried Alive, Toddlers & Tiaras,”Dance Moms and many more!  I would prefer not to go into much detail about each shows,  as they are not all that pertinent, but I will say that they are very disturbing. And yet I could not change the channel.

Now that I am back at school, I can concentrate on the more practical aspects of life, studying!  I also have started my spring internship as the School of Communication reporter.  In fact, I have already finished my first article about an exhibit soon to be shown at the School of Communication.  The exhibit, Too Young to Die, is a photography documentary series by a Chicago photographer, Carlos Javier Ortiz.  Other than writing stories, one of my favorite aspects of being a journalism major is the opportunity to meet and interview so many interesting people.

As far as classes go, I am eager to begin some of my projects for my color theory course (I’m a studio art minor).  The best part of taking an art class?  The fun school supplies, of course!  For color theory, I had to purchase a seriously large stack of colored papers (314 sheets of beautiful color, to be exact). But for now, my first assignment is to make a color wheel (It’s a little more serious than it sounds). Other than that, my other classes seem enjoyable enough.   For now, however, I’m ready for the weekend!

New Year, Clean Slate, Chilly Conditions

New Year, Clean Slate, Chilly Conditions

Today is my third day of classes back on campus for the spring semester. It definitely doesn’t feel like spring at all! I am thankful for the sun today, but the wind pulls the temperature down to subzero temperatures.

Other that the less than pleasant weather, I am happy to be able to start the new semester with a clean slate. My new year’s resolutions mostly revolve around being more proactive in getting assignments done earlier (I am usually quite the procrastinator), so we’ll see how that goes!

I am most looking forward to diving into my Photography I class for my Studio Art/Photography minor, taught by Professor James Jensen. He seems to be very enthusiastic and really know what he’s talking about— I learned more in the first two classes about the history and technology behind photography than I did in two years of photo classes in high school! I am really looking forward to getting some assignments and actually being able to go out and shoot a few rolls.

This is the film camera I’ll be using for my Photo class assignments. I’m so excited!

Welcome Back!

Welcome Back!

As I hauled all of my luggage back into my dorm room on Monday and greeted my roommate, it felt like I was gone a few days not a whole month!

Thats right, we got a month off of school between the fall and spring semesters. Most of my friends back home only get two or three weeks and are always extremely jealous.

One of the best parts of having such a long break is being able to work and make some extra cash. I was able to work in my Dad’s office. He owns a head hunting business and I did filling and answered the phones when the secretary took some days off.

When I wasn’t working I was either sleeping, reading, hanging with high school friends or sleeping. I slept a lot over break. It was an awesome to catch up with everyone I hadn’t seen in so long and reminisce about great memories. We made cookies, watched movies, played outside in the snow and ate a lot of good food.

Another awesome part of having a longer break than my friends is that I was able to go visit them at their colleges when they went back. I visited Western Michigan, Michigan State and the University of Michigan all before coming back to school. It was so cool to see how different each school was!

My favorite school I visited (which is still nothing on Loyola) was the University of Michigan. My boyfriend goes to school there so he was able to give me the tour of campus and show me how beautiful it is! It was a lot colder there though than I was used to and we had to make a pit stop to get some hot chocolate.

Overall I had a great break but am glad to be back at Loyola. Classes started Tuesday and I can already tell it is going to be a great semester!

My high school friends and I after catching up over a sushi dinner.