Sam Lim of Scholarship Junkies Visits Loyola

Sam Lim of Scholarship Junkies Visits Loyola

Today I had to opportunity to collaborate as a social justice advocate through Loyola University Chicago‘s Empowerment Pipeline program and with the first year students who participate in the STARS Lead Program. We, along with the department of Student Diversity and Multicultural Affairs, invited Sam Lim, founder and executive director of Scholarship Junkies, to speak with the students I mentor, along with my fellow advocates, about the process of applying for scholarships.

Lim told his story of how he was able to completely fund his college education himself, by solely through scholarships. As a recent Fulbright scholar, he strives to go around the country and share with high school students (even college students) of how it is never too late to appeal to private scholarship opportunities to fund expenses from books, laptops, study abroad programs, and room and board.

I encourage incoming and prospective students who read this blog to check out his website! There may be some very helpful information there!

About Me

About Me

My name is Antoinette Isama and I am a sophomore at Loyola University Chicago. I am seeking a degree in journalism with a minor in International Studies. I was born and raised in Silver Spring, Md., and my family is originally from Nigeria. I am also the youngest of three in my immediate family, but I have always grown up to know my many members of my extended family as well.

I have always loved reading, writing and telling stories. Growing up the news was always on tv in my house, so I think that is a huge contribution for my interest in journalism. I have also taken an interest in learning about other people’s lives, different cultures other than my own and becoming aware of national and international issues.

Coming to Loyola all the way from the east coast comes with a lot of independence and opportunities. Even though I miss my family at times, my endeavors that I am involved in on campus help me reflect on my journey here and that my distance from home will be worth while.

These endeavors include participating in the many cultural and social justice based groups that Loyola has to offer. I am social chair of the Black Cultural Center, event coordinator of the African Student Alliance, and a social justice advocate in the Empowerment Pipeline program through the department of Student Diversity and Multicultural Affairs.

These extracurriculars have enhanced my leadership skills and my ability to work as a team with fellow students, as well as sharing the importance of preserving and learning about black culture and African culture with the Loyola community. I have really enjoyed collaborating with other cultural organizations to reach this goal together too.

When I am not in class or in my extracurricular activities I enjoy exploring Chicago. My favorite things to do so far at my time at Loyola have been going to festivals, checking out different restaurants, visiting museums and attending concerts. Being a student also has its perks with these activities too with the discounts!

With the time I have left at Loyola, I hope to have a better sense of where I would like to be in terms of my career as a journalist. I am also very grateful for the resources Loyola offers its students to guide that aspect of the college journey. I also hope to be more involved with the social media and student run publications, such as The Phoenix.

With this blog I hope to share what I do and how I see Loyola. I also hope to put a lot in perspective through my experiences that I go through on a day to day basis.