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Scholars Night – April 8, 2017

Scholars Night – April 8, 2017

Calling all future accepted Ramblers of the class of 2021! There is a chance you were invited to attend Loyola’s Scholars Night hosted at the Field Museum, but maybe you don’t know what that is, if you’re required to go, or how it has to do with your acceptance. Fret not, because I will give you a breakdown of my own experience of attending it (3 years ago).


Scholars Night is exclusive for YOU, the incoming freshman class who we classify as scholars and were invited. It is a celebration of your academic accomplishments in high school, active participation in extracurriculars, and ultimately getting accepted in Loyola University Chicago. At this event, you have the opportunity to bring your parents and show them what LUC is all about, from our friendly and outgoing staff, to the fantastic jazz band, profound speeches the professors will give, and Loyolan atmosphere- all housed inside the Field Museum of Chicago. How awesome is that?!

Three years ago, I attended this event and was very impressed by the visuals. The tour guides I met on-campus (from my tour) were all lined up in front of the stairs to greet guests. I still remember that there was a line of tents I walked through on the stairs and since it was dark inside, all of the tour guides took out their phones and shine the way for me to walk up the stairs.

When I entered, I heard live jazz music on my left and rows (and ROWS) of candlelit maroon-colored tables in front of me. It was fancy and it was the first time I was invited to a private event, especially at the Field Museum at NIGHT. It felt weird, but at the same time, I felt special (which is rare for me to say!) Also, the entire museum was open, exclusively for the guests of Scholars Night. Suddenly I felt like a child and ran off with my friend to check out different exhibits. Fun times….

When the actual event began, I got myself food from the buffet stations and sat down with my family to hear the LUC faculty give speeches. I cannot remember the speeches other than the fact that they were quite eloquent and made me proud to make it this far in my life.

Anyways, this event is not mandatory to go, but it is an experience to have to simply be proud of your accomplishments and get ready to start a new chapter of your life. This event is just one night and it is convenient for all of you who may come from afar. Loyola offers services such as complimentary parking, and shuttle rides from the Millennium Knickerbocker Hotel and Hampton Hotel (near LSC).

So, LUC Class of 2021, if you can, COME! Scholars Night is planned just for you. It is a celebration of you. Be present and let LUC acknowledge you!

Here’s humilating pictures of me, 3 years back. All for your enjoyment!


Here is the link to register for the event, (if you were invited to the event) if you haven’t done so already: