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The Art Institute Of Chicago

The Art Institute Of Chicago

Today I took a trip downtown to the Art Institute of Chicago.  Taking advantage of yet another perk of being a Loyola student, I was able to get in for free with my student ID card.

The featured exhibit right now is a collection by Pablo Picasso.  Unfortunately, the line was very long and I was not sure I would make it back in time for class.  So saving Picasso for another day, I wandered around looking at the other collections.

I spent a lot of time in the modern wing, specifically in an exhibit featuring the immigrant population in Chicago.  There were all types of pieces, and I found myself drawn to those picturing the African American population.  While some were somber and serious, others were bursting with vibrant color and life.

During a period referred to as the Great Migration, a large population of African American immigrants moved to the urban areas of Chicago.  One of the Art Institute’s pieces, “Nightlife” by Archibald J. Motley, Jr., epitomizes the period’s energetic social life.  The painting’s vividly rich colors reflects the richness of the art, literature, and music of the community.

After a couple more hours, I left the Art Institute feeling very cultured and knowledgeable.  I cannot wait to make another free visit this semester to see the Picasso collection.