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Lab Work at Rush University Medical Center

Lab Work at Rush University Medical Center


Starting summer of this year, I became a lab assistant (volunteer) at Rush University Medical Center in the Pediatrics Department. I wanted to gain more experience in the hospital setting (different from patient care areas), learn more medical terminology, familiarize myself with scientific laboratory equipment, and get more connections to doctors, researchers, nurses, and more. Since Rush University Medical Center is a teaching hospital, I  hoped that I would be able to get a basic idea of what medical school is like by being around medical students.

Inside the laboratory, we have done a study on the effects of osteoarthritis and general arthritis by looking at the interaction of cells of the joints of lab mice. (Yes, children may get arthritis at a young age, too.) It is very interesting to see how different cells interact and it is even cooler to see the cells in different colors (dyes) under a high-powered microscope.

To view the slides under the microscope, I have learned how to make them from scratch. I can put the specimen in liquid parafilm and create blocks. Using a very precise blade, enclosed inside a machine, I can cut the blocks into very thin slices to be placed on the slide (micrometers thin).

This Friday, I am returning back to Rush as a lab assistant. I hope to have more fun and learn more about different topics. I look forward to the many things to come. 🙂

Service to the Community

Service to the Community


To some, community service may be something not done very often; to others, it has become a big part of their life to help others.  For me, I love to volunteer my time at my local hospital, Swedish Covenant. Since freshman year of high school, I have dedicated my summer, days off of school (full and half-days), and weekends towards volunteering here. I suppose the motivation that keeps me volunteering is the idea (or dream) of being a doctor; I love to help others feel better and become stronger and healthier. This semester, I have scheduled to volunteer more frequently to show others and the hospital my true commitment and passion towards service by volunteering every other Friday at nighttime.

At the hospital, I work at a patient care unit (post surgery). My work is scattered- I answer call lights, I can organize charts, resupply inventory, help do sponge baths, feed patients, walk patients, help discharge, and so much more. The people I am with, most of the time, are CNAs and nurses because they have the most contact with the patient.

Working at a hospital is truly a blessing. I am always on my feet doing work and I always get to meet the people and (if I am lucky) talk and hear their stories on their family, jobs, dreams, and tragedies. With that being said, I sometimes build connections with people and surprisingly, I meet them outside of the hospital months later and get to check up with them on how they are doing.

All in all, I love what I do and I hope to continue to aspire to become a doctor for the given reasons (from volunteering).