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Starter Survival Tips

Starter Survival Tips

Week one of the semester is over, and I’m about halfway through week two. This past weekend was Labor Day, and on Labor Day itself, I went to Six Flags. I definitely got a lot out of my season pass on Monday (and this summer), and now I’m just waiting for October to go to Fright Fest. I can’t wait!

Going back to the topic of my classes, school is going really well so far. Though the workload is very high overall, I’ve managed to stay on top of it. Even though it’s only been a week, I feel the most in control over my work and pace than I ever have before. Some useful tips that I’ve been using (even though they’ll be quite obvious) are:

1. Don’t procrastinate.

Every day when I come home, I start my homework right after eating. I get home at either about 4 or 6 every day, and I work till about 10 or 11. I try and do the homework I get assigned on the day that I get it so that I’m always a little ahead.

2. Switch subjects.

Studying one subject for 4 hours straight is annoying and by the end of it, I don’t feel accomplished. That’s why I usually switch between two or three subjects every hour or two. For example, last week I was reading my Accounting book. After an hour and a half, I hadn’t made drastic progress compared to when I began the subject, so I took a break to read Sociology. The result? I got my Sociology reading out of the way AND I cleared my head enough to continue with Accounting afterwards. Double win!

3. Take breaks and give yourself rewards.

While I study, I usually take a 5-minute break every hour or every time I begin feeling tired. If I’m feeling particularly energetic and focused, I won’t take a break until I’m done with what I’m doing, but in that case, I’ll treat myself to a TV show or to some ice cream afterwards. I feel more motivated when I do this, and therefore I get way more done.

4. Find your right time of the day to study and go to bed!

I’ve realized that my best time to study is after all of my classes are over and the sun is still out. When night hits, my concentration begins to fall; because I’m tired, my shows are starting to play, whatever other excuses I can come up with. Therefore, I start my homework once I get home while material is still fresh in my mind, natural light comes into my room and I still have my focus.

At night, I don’t let myself go to bed past 11:30 because I want to get at least eight hours of sleep. If I’m tired in the morning, I’ll be worse later in the day, and no one wants to deals with a crabby tired college student!

These are my most useful tips so far. If anyone has anymore, share them!!! We can all use more tips to survive this semester.