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Pre-Screening Of “Here Comes The Boom”

Pre-Screening Of “Here Comes The Boom”

There a lot of perks to living in a big city. One of them is having friends with cool internships. Because of this, once in a while I get the opportunity to partake in some cool intern activities.

One of my friends has an internship with Allied-THA, a marketing company that does things like research, advertising and promotions for different types of clients. On Thursday she texted me and asked if I would fill in for her doing a pre-screening of the movie “Here Comes The Boom.” All I had to do was show up to the Century 12 theater in Evanston an hour before the movie started and scan peoples tickets. After the movie I did a write-up on ten to fifteen scenes that the audience reacted to and that was it!

I got a free movie, a little bit of pocket cash, and got to see the movie about a month before it comes out in theaters!

The ticket's to the screening of "Here Comes The Boom"