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Pre-Screening Of “Here Comes The Boom”

Pre-Screening Of “Here Comes The Boom”

There a lot of perks to living in a big city. One of them is having friends with cool internships. Because of this, once in a while I get the opportunity to partake in some cool intern activities.

One of my friends has an internship with Allied-THA, a marketing company that does things like research, advertising and promotions for different types of clients. On Thursday she texted me and asked if I would fill in for her doing a pre-screening of the movie “Here Comes The Boom.” All I had to do was show up to the Century 12 theater in Evanston an hour before the movie started and scan peoples tickets. After the movie I did a write-up on ten to fifteen scenes that the audience reacted to and that was it!

I got a free movie, a little bit of pocket cash, and got to see the movie about a month before it comes out in theaters!

The ticket's to the screening of "Here Comes The Boom"
A Weekend of Visitors

A Weekend of Visitors

As if I wasn’t happy enough living in downtown Chicago and eating three Sprinkle’s cupcakes a day (joking… but it’s possible), my friends from home came to visit me last weekend!  We had been planning this trip all summer, and the weekend had finally come.  My one friend came from her college in Pennsylvania, and my other one came from just down the street- Columbia College of Chicago.

We picked up my friend from the Megabus at midnight Friday.  The Megabus is the best. It’s how I go home to Cleveland because it’s very cheap and very convenient.  If you book the bus as soon as the date is available for booking, its as cheap as one dollar! The maximum it can go up to is forty two dollars, so the max round trip is only eighty four! That’s my random tangent about the Megabus, but seriously, its a great deal!

Anyways, Friday night we stayed at my place, Baumhart Hall.  I was excited to show it off to my friends, and they were certainly impressed.  It was great that we stayed here because it is so close to Michigan Avenue, and we had a long day of shopping the next morning.

On Saturday, we went to a great breakfast place off of State Street called Tempo. Afterwards, we shopped on Michigan Avenue.  Both of my friends are familiar with Chicago, so we didn’t do much sightseeing.  We also went to Sprinkles and said the secret word to get a free cupcake! You have to follow Sprinkles on Twitter or friend them on Facebook, and there is a few secret words a day that you have to say to the cashier to get your free cupcake.  It’s pretty cool for a cupcake enthusiast on a budget like me!

Saturday night we took the Metra to Tinley Park to see our favorite singer, Jason Mraz.  This was my third time seeing him (I’m a superfan) and this concert was the best one yet.  We had lawn seats, but we had a pretty good view and it was the perfect night for a concert.

My friend left the next day, but even though the stay was short, it was definitely a lot of fun.  One of my favorite things is having visitors.  I love showing off Chicago and Loyola to friends and family, and I always encourage everyone to make the trip out here.  The school and city both have so much to offer, and I love that my visitors get to experience what I experience daily!

Last Week of Summer!

Last Week of Summer!

So this week is the week when all the freshmen are moving in, so as I walked to work this morning, I got to witness many eager new students with their parents unloading their cars to move into their dorm rooms. Their expressions got me thinking about what I was like as an incoming freshman versus how I am now, about to start my junior year.

For one thing, I’m calmer and more collected than I was when I came in to school. Back then, I was hyper and excited and worried- about my classes and teachers, about my family and old friends, about the new friends I wanted to make, and overall about the person I wanted to be. I wanted to make a good first impression, and I’ll admit that I wasn’t very successful at it. I made mistakes with how I approached people, but with trial and error and time, I grew into my college self.

Freshman year was full of experimentation, with friends and with interests. Not all of it was good. But overall, my freshman taught me so much about my new self.

After a crazy first year of college, I came back from the summer eager to begin my second year. It was a tough year all around, and it taught me as many important lessons as my first year.

One lesson that I learned was that all of the friends that you make your first year won’t be there the second year, and that you need to pick your friends wisely. The keepers aren’t the ones who are free to go out with you on Friday night or who are all fun and games. Though having a few of those people around is awesome, and even essential, the best of friends are those who will listen when you are having a bad day, who put you in your place when you are out of line, and who are by your side. Whether you’ve been apart for months for the summer or too close together in a small apartment.

This lesson was crucial for me during my sophomore year, and it was the main year I got to formulate my relationships with friends and see people for who they are, whether good or bad.

I’m going into my junior year now with the best knowledge of who I am and whom I want in my life. My goals now are clearly defined, and I’m confident that though this semester is going to be very challenging, it’s going to be one of my most memorable ones. I look back at my freshman self and the journey I went through to get to where I am today, and I’m proud of myself. Though I made many stupid mistakes and had to overcome hard trials, I wouldn’t change anything about my college experience thus far.

So therefore, I welcome myself, as well as the incoming freshmen and returning students, back to Loyola for what I hope to be the best school year yet!



I finally made it! Final exams are over and I am headed home for the summer.

This summer I will be working as a receptionist at a fitness center and as a counselor at a day camp. My hours will be gruesome (5:15 am – 10:00 am) but it will be well worth it when I start bringing home the bacon.

Other than working, I plan on sun bathing, reading, sleeping and more sun bathing.

It will be nice to be with all of my friends from back home. My Loyola friends and I, on the other hand, have already begun planning our road trip to see each other. So, between St. Louis, Kalamazoo and Cleveland, we have 1241 miles to cover.

It is going to be a great summer but I will miss Loyola very much.

See you in the fall!