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Top 5 Covers

Top 5 Covers

As I sat on the bus en route to St. Louis (otherwise known as home), I scrolled down to my “chill” playlist on my iPod in hopes of catching some sleep.  On my “chill” playlist is an abundance of songs, mostly originals with a few of my favorite cover songs mixed in.  “Chill” is the inspiration for this post.  Please agree or disagree with my choices as my top 5 cover songs.   Suggestions are also appreciated as I am always open to hear new songs, rather, new songs done over again.

5. “Wonderwall” by Ryan Adams

I am not a huge Oasis fan and I actually like this version better than the original;  A very edgy sound to an already-alternative song.

4. “Hallelujah” by Kate Voegele

I find Ms. Voegele’s voice very angelic, which fits in well with the Leonard Cohen original lyrics.  Very soothing and yet potentially heart wrenching.

3.  “Twist and Shout” by The Beatles

The fact that I hear this version more than the original by the Isley Brothers gives testament to how good the cover is.  There is not a song that takes me back to high school dances quicker than this one.

2. “Crash into Me” by Stevie Nicks

I am fond of Dave Matthews Band and I respect both versions of this song.  I think Stevie Nicks carefully covers Dave’s “Crash” with an appropriate amount of respect as well as her own flair; a great overall sound.

1. “Freefallin” by John Mayer

There may be few more talented guitarist on earth than John Mayer.  His cover of the classic Tom Petty rock song takes a catchy American tune and turns it into an intimate listening experience.  It is amazing how these songs can sound so differently and have the same essence to them.

Like I said, comments and criticisms are welcome, please share your thoughts!