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Pros and Cons of Classes

Pros and Cons of Classes

There’s less than a month left of classes, so why not write about them I say. Registration is coming up really soon, which means that I need to begin coordinating my schedule for next semester.

For now, I’m finishing up my Spring semester, doing my best to balance work and school. This semester has been slightly tougher than my other ones, not because I’m taking more classes, but because my classes are all at higher levels than what they used to be at. Before, I would take six classes, varying from 100-level courses to 200, but now almost all of my classes are in the 300s because I’m a junior.

I’ve written before what my classes are, so right now I’m going to cover some of the general pros and cons that I have experienced from them.


  • I like the professors who try to learn all of their students’ names. This is especially difficult for professors who teach large classes, so for them to take the time and effort to learn who we are, it makes me want to put in more effort to try and impress them by doing well in their class.
  • Class sizes- Some higher level classes are small. I like this design because most students who take higher level classes are doing it because they need to for their major or want to because they are seriously interested in the subject matter.
  • Homework- I like classes that hand out homework assignments because it keeps me on top of the material. Even better, a load that is reasonable is just enough to keep you busy and learning, but not so much that you feel overwhelmed or you get behind in other activities.


  • Some professors have a tendency to lecture throughout all of their classes without catching a breath. Sometimes, you can’t change how the professor structures class; you’re just going to have to tough it out. It may be hard to pay attention in class, so I suggest reading the books very carefully and doing everything possible on your own to know the material.
  • Homework (as a con). As I said, classes with reasonable homework loads are really helpful, but classes with no homework are not. One thing that is difficult, for me, is taking a class where the final grade is based solely on two or three exams and a final. Again, this just requires reading the book material very carefully and taking on the responsibility of doing everything in your power on your own to do well.

Loyola classes vary in every criteria, from the subject taught to the professor teaching it to the student engagement in learning it, and each class has its good and its bad. Most students will get to experience nearly every different type of class Loyola has to offer, which in and of itself is worth both the good and the bad.



As I have said before I love taking art classes on this campus! I am just finishing my first project for Ceramics and I think it looks pretty good.

My Cup Collections!

100 Meters Left Everyone!

100 Meters Left Everyone!

One week done and one week left to go before we face the unwanted, but necessary, Finals. I’ll be dividing this blog into two, one to cover this past week and some things I’ll be expecting next week, and the second to briefly write about Thanksgiving, even though it was over a week ago.

The main schoolwork that I had this week was my theater presentation for the play we recently read in class, “Rabbit Hole” by David Lindsay Abaire. It’s a really good play about a family’s life and coping in the aftermath of a tragic accident. For those who have read it, I got to play Izzy and my partner played Becca in the scene towards the beginning of the play where my character reveals that she is pregnant (6:45 to 8:30 in the video). Though my life is nothing like my character’s, my attitude has similar qualities with Izzy’s, so getting into character and playing her was enjoyable. My performance on Tuesday was the first of two, my second one being on my Final day.

Next week will be just as busy as Finals week. I have two papers due on Monday, one for my BSAD 220 class, and one for my Management class. For my BSAD class paper, I had to interview an individual working in a business environment, and I conducted my interview yesterday. I got so much valuable information, not just for my paper, but for me personally.

The best advice and information that I got was that it is okay if I’m not sure yet what I want to do with my life after I graduate. I don’t need to have my life mapped out for myself just yet, and what is important is that I follow my heart in whatever direction it wants to take me career wise. Even though I will make mistakes along the way, I do not want to look back in thirty years and feel like I wasted my precious time in a job that wasn’t for me. This advice may seem logical, but when you hear a successful person who has been in the professional world for many years say this, it helps ease the fears of what happens after this stage in our lives.

Besides having two papers due on Monday, I also have an oral evaluation for my Literature class on Tuesday, my Final Theater paper due on Thursday, and a Final next Friday. I’m a little nervous about succeeding at all these things, but I’m simultaneously excited to tackle them. I feel like a runner who has to sprint the last 100 meters of a race, when the adrenaline kicks into high gear- it’s empowering.

Post- Registration Week

Post- Registration Week

Right now, I’m healthy and I’m happy, the two most important things a person should be. Therefore I am beginning a fresh new week in a great mood. For all you stressed out college students, remember that- do everything based on keeping yourself healthy and happy (most of the time). Try to pull minimal all nighters, eat right, and give yourself a break every once in a while- your body and your mind, and probably your grades too, will thank you.

With that said, one reason I’m so happy is because registration is over and done with, and I have my schedule just how I want it! I’m signed up for seven classes, but I might bring it to six based on my future work schedule. I have four night classes and three Tuesday-Thursday classes. As of right now, I’m going to take THEO 297, LREB 315, CRMJ 373, MARK 311, INFS 247, OPMG 332, and COMM 101- lots and lots of business classes.

To some, this schedule may seem absurd. To me, it’s wonderful. With a schedule like this, I will be able to find an internship or another job to fill my time with on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. It’s going to be a challenging semester, but then again, what semester isn’t hard.

Now that registration is complete, the job and internship hunt will take over full power. Looks like I may already have a job lined up to begin over winter break, but I’m going to continue searching just in case that position is filled. If anyone has any suggestions for places to apply to, preferably Marketing firms, feel free to share!

Registration Luck

Registration Luck

Registration week is always a stressful one.  Whether it be rearranging your schedule a million times or struggling to get into that class with the perfect time/teacher, many students have a hard time with it.  However, it always works out in the end.  I got extremely lucky this semester- I had no problems registering  and got my top picks for all of my classes!

I got to register at a very early time slot on the first day (one of my favorite perks of being in the Honors Program.)  There was very heavy traffic on the website at that time, as tons of people were trying to register, but I was able to register right away.

My schedule semester is looking really great.  I am taking the Social Work classes I need, one of them being research methods and the other one Social Work methods, which requires a service learning component.  The service learning component basically means that I will have to do thirty hours of service at a social service agency or volunteer site.  The other classes I’m taking are child psychopathology, which should be really interesting, psychology statistics, and a human rights honors class.

Registering for my second semester of junior year made me realize how fast my college years are going! Only one and a half more years until I’m out in the working world… I don’t think I’m ready yet… I want to stay at Loyola forever!

Halloweekend Begins

Halloweekend Begins

These past few weeks have been busy for me, as they have been for everyone else. Midterms have been coming and going, but they’ve been like that for over a month. My schedule has calmed down now on the school front, and the waters should be relatively calm until Finals.

First order of business I want to cover- Registration for Spring semester is rapidly approaching. For those of you worried about it, like me, I suggest you start stocking up your class shopping cart on Locus now. I have already planned a schedule for myself, and I can only hope that everything goes as planned. I’m going to try to take 21 hours, and right now I’m quite nervous.

Along with seven classes, I hope to find an internship for myself. The seventh class that I want to take is BSAD 351 in the Business department, which requires an internship during the semester. So far, I have found several internships to apply to on RamblerLink and internships.com. Anyone looking for internships should check these two sites out, especially RamblerLink, our school’s job and internship website.

Like I said, my schedule has slowed down now that Midterms are basically over. I have two tests left leading up to finals, and just several more papers before semester’s end. Up until now, I have survived, and in my opinion, successfully. Knock on wood that I keep it up.

In less than one week, it’ll be Halloween, which means that (for me at least) this weekend is Halloween weekend! Though dressing up in a costume isn’t a big concern of mine, I am really looking forward to going to Fright Fest tomorrow. Even though I’m not going with Loyola, a friend of mine told me that the Loyola trip to Fright Fest is also tomorrow, so I’m looking forward to running into some of my friends.

The last time I went to Fright Fest was in high school, junior year, which means that it’s been four years since my last trip. Back then, I only went on several rides and walked around with friends. This year, I want to go to the Haunted House and see the other Halloween-themed events they have set up. I also can’t wait to see the character costumes they’ll have. Here’s a picture of one from “back in the day”:

I doubt they’ve changed much, but I’ll post a new picture of one of the coolest costumes from this year in my next post. Happy Halloween weekend everyone! Stay warm, stay safe, stay fun.

It’s The Little Things

It’s The Little Things

We all know a version of the saying, “Enjoy the little things in life” or “It’s the little things that matter.”

Well that could not be more true for me today. After a stressful day of classes, I walked home and dug in my backpack for my keys. This took much longer than it should have because I was making a mental to-do list of the colossal amount of homework I have to do tonight. I got frustrated and had to take a deep breath to remind myself to go slow and look diligently.

I dove my hand back into my backpack for another try and felt my keys right away. I pulled them out and upon seeing them I smiled. On my keys is a picture of Ariel, Flounder, and Sebastian from The Little Mermaid (my FAVORITE movie).

For a brief moment all of the stress of classes and homework were in the back of my mind and I was able to pause and smile at the keys while good memories from the movie played in my head.

It was just this little thing, this picture of the Little Mermaid, that gave me a smile and a reminder not to worry so much about the bigger stuff.

Have you ever seen cooler keys in your life?
True Life: I Survived The First Week Of Classes

True Life: I Survived The First Week Of Classes

It was painful, but I did it. I survived the first week of classes!

The first few days back from Summer break are always the hardest to get through. After an amazing, relaxing Summer spent sunbathing and swimming, sitting in class is the last thing I look forward to. It is the inevitable end to every Summer however and I have found that there are a number of emotional stages that every recently back to school student must go through:

1. Denial – “School is not actually starting that soon. I still have time. It’s still Summer, for goodness sake its 95 degrees out!”

2. Crisis – (partly a result of the denial) “I’m not ready! I haven’t even thought about my classes yet and they start tomorrow morning!”

3. Depression – “I am actually up at 7:30am getting ready for class…”

4. Acceptance – “Well I am here I might as well pay attention. This may be boring but I need good grades”

5. Excitement – “OK wow, turns out that this is actually interesting material. I am excited for this class!”

Now, if you’re lucky, like me, you are actually taking classes that really interest you and apply to your future. I am taking 5 Education classes and 1 English class. I have found that the content we are learning in my Education classes is actually incredibly interesting and very applicable.

This Fall I have a new tutoring job that I look forward to starting with a company called Frog Tutoring. Also starting soon is volunteer opportunities such as Loyola’s chapter of UNICEF and Loyola 4 Chicago.

After I got through the initial stages of denial and depression (which didn’t take long) I see that coming back to school is actually something to look forward to and to be excited about.

I am going to miss this! A sunrise this Summer from my house back in Michigan.
We’re Back In Session

We’re Back In Session

School has officially begun, and the buildings are crawling with students- we are taking over Loyola again!

I just got out of my new Literature class (30 minutes early), and I’m pretty sure almost the entire class is freshmen. Oh well, I need my other literary knowledge credit. I’m waiting for my new Theater class to begin now, my sixth class of the new semester. After this class is the class that I’m looking forward to most, Sociology 301.

I’m taking 7 classes this semester, 19 credits, and the workload is already piling up. In the next two weeks, I have to read an entire book for my Literature class,  4 chapters for Macroeconomics, 1 chapter with homework problems for Accounting, 1 chapter for Management and whatever else I have to do for my upcoming theater and sociology classes. Yes, this is me venting.

But despite the workload, I’m happy to be back. Though I love my downtime, I’m looking forward to essays, procrastinating and all-night cram sessions. I’m also looking forward to traveling the campuses again using the shuttle because I love those 20 minutes on the bus where I look out the window at the lakefront. Since the sun rises from that direction, it sparkles right over the water at the time I take the shuttle, and the views are breathtaking. It’s definitely been something I’ve been looking forward to seeing again all summer.

I’m looking forward to having more to blog about as well, and to checking my email and having real messages from teachers and classmates, not just spam mail from Ulta and Scholarships.com. To me, these reasons to be back are enough to enjoy it.

It’s time to head into my theater class now. Two more classes left to go, and then I get to go to work for a few hours. It’s going to be weird going from working over 20 hours a week to working just 5. I already miss seeing my coworkers all the time…

Busy Busy Busy

Busy Busy Busy

Time has been both dragging on and speeding by. I am grateful it is already Wednesday and am looking forward to heading home for spring break in a week and a half. There is so much to be done before then though! This is midterm season, which means it’s prime time for professors to schedule lots of quizzes, exams and assignments due within the next week or so. It’s getting pretty hectic!

One of the things that’s been getting me through the day is this new book I am reading, “Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close” by Jonathan Safran Foer. The movie equivalent is in theaters right now, but I heard how great the book was and vowed to read it before I watched. So far it’s been great.  The story is mostly told from the point of view of a very unique 10-ish-year-old boy whose father died in the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001. A year or two after his father’s death, the boy sets out to solve this sort of scavenger hunt his father left for him. It’s really interesting but I’m only 100 pages in!

Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close, by Jonathan Safran Foer