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The Best Birthday Present EVER

The Best Birthday Present EVER

Did I get you excited? Well I should warn you that I am a big literature nerd, so I may be too excited about this.

But, in my opinion at least, I got my roommate the best birthday present EVER. I found a website that lets you order your favorite books and replaces the main characters names with your own names. If you are thinking to yourself that this is in no way the best birthday present EVER then I am sorry to disappoint you. But for everyone else who thinks think is as cool as I do, how awesome right???

My roommate is a big reader so this is a perfect for gift for her. I ordered “Little Women” and got to change the names of six characters to whatever I wanted them to be. I switched the names of Jo, Meg, Beth Amy, Laurie and Mrs. March. The four girls became Kelly, MC, Cat, and Mary (the birthday girl and our other roommates), Laurie became Leonardo DiCaprio ūüôā and Mrs. March became Nancy (the birthday girl’s moms name). The book arrived not even a week after I ordered it and I can hardly wait a week to give it to her.

The website also has books such as “Pride and Prejudice” “Peter Pan” “Treasure Island” and “The Wizard of Oz.” You can put any name you want in any of these and more! Obviously, I think it is very very cool. I can’t wait to give my roommate her book and see how she likes it.

The personalized book. Notice the "starring Kelly Cahalin" ūüôā
Birthday Celebration

Birthday Celebration

One of the best things about having a fall birthday (September 19!) ¬†is that it’s one of the first celebration of the year. ¬†Even though I’m a junior, I’m only 20. (I hated driving after everyone… but as the years progress I’m sure I’ll love being the young one!) ¬†Because it isn’t a major birthday, I was just going to lay low. Maybe get some Portillo’s, hang with friends and relax.

I was expecting to come back downtown, get my friend, and head out to lunch, ¬†but I was in for a big surprise. ¬†I came back to three of my best friends in my room with a cake and decorations everywhere. ¬†It was a great surprise to come home to, and completely unexpected. ¬†Here’s a picture of their masterpiece.

For the rest of the day, I hung out with friends, watched movies and ate a lot of Portillo’s. (Best. Italian beef. Ever.) ¬†This Saturday, my friends and I are all going out to eat a place we’ve never been, Quartino. ¬†As you can see, I like to extend my birthday as long as possible! ¬†I’m thankful I have great friends who made my birthday amazing, and I cannot wait until part 2 of my celebration on Saturday!

Gifts On A College Budget

Gifts On A College Budget

The holidays are over but it seems January is birthday season in my life. One problem, I’m broke!

Being in college can mean being on a tight time schedule and having little time to work and make money. This all too often leads me to have an empty wallet. What does this all mean? It’s time to get creative!

Here are a few ideas for gifts this year that are $20 or less!

1. The Loyola Bookstore– It is a great place to get small items that will remind the receiver of you every time they use or wear their gift! Some great inexpensive items include: a Loyola teddy bear, Loyola Hat, Loyola reading glasses or a Loyola t-shirt.

2. Music, Posters or Pictures- Get their favorite band’s CD or poster. Also a framed picture of you and the recipient can be a great gift.

3. For Girls- Nail Polish! There are so many awesome colors out right now for nail polish. Match up their personality with a color and it could be the perfect, inexpensive gift. Fashionable headbands can be very appreciated as well.

4. For Guys- Grab a group of friends a go in together on a video game. Not only will the he love it but you will be able to play it with him and enjoy it yourself.

5. Last but not least, Food! – If you pride yourself in your cooking/baking abilities, homemade treats could be the very thing they want most. Any college student loves a change from Ramen Noodles or dinning hall food. Bake up sometime delicious and don’t forget to add the love!

Gifts I got for my boyfriend, wrapped in awesome "Transformers" wrapping paper!
Owl Cupcakes From A College Dorm

Owl Cupcakes From A College Dorm

Today, Friday, November 18, is my best friend Kelly’s birthday and she absolutely loves owls so I decided to make her some owl cupcakes!

I found a picture online but did not have all the correct supplies so I improvised. This is what I started with: vanilla icing, Oreos, strawberry Jello,  Raman Noodles, M&Ms, Kraft cheese slices and Doritos.

I used the strawberry Jello to color the icing so that it was pink. I then frosted all but four of the cupcakes with the pink icing. I used the extra Jello powder to make his stomach a darker pink. The Oreos were used for the wings, the eyes and the eyebrows. I used a Diorito for the beak. The cheese slices were cut up and used for the claws on the feet. The finishing touch was broken up Ramen Noodles on the two bottom cupcakes that made a nest for the owl.

It took about fifteen minuets to decorate them and voilà, owl cupcakes.

My owl made out of cupcakes.


Last Friday night, after a long shift babysitting, I was exhausted from the week and was glad to finally have the chance to lay down and watch some TV. I was in my friends apartment watching “The Grinch” when all of a sudden I had people jumping on me!

It turned out to be three of my best friends from home who came to Chicago to surprise me for my birthday! I had no idea they were coming so when I realized who it was that was jumping on me I was pretty much speechless.¬†It was great timing because another friend, Tyler, was in town for a Skrillex concert. And his dad has an awesome apartment right down on Michigan Ave where we got to hang out Friday night. His dad’s apartment is on the 13th floor and has a balcony! Being in the middle of downtown Chicago on a balcony at night is an amazing experience. All of the lights and city noises made me feel like I was in a movie. I loved it!

I wasn’t sure how my friends managed to surprise me, but apparently they had been in contact with my roommate for weeks. Even though they all go to different colleges they were able to meet up in Michigan City, Indiana and take the Metra all the way into the city for only $8.50! My roommate even told them how to take the ‘L’ up to Loyola. Once they got downtown, they easily made it to my room without me ever expecting it.

Saturday we woke up and went downtown to shop. We ate at a great food court in the Water Tower mall called Food Life for lunch and had Giordano’s pizza for dinner. Yum!

The best part about our Saturday shopping trip was that I got to see the Occupy Chicago protesters for the first time. I have to be honest, they were not as big and noticeable as I expected them to be. I did not even see them until my friend pointed them out as we walked by. Their message Saturday was that “Occupy Chicago stands behind Egypt.” Even though they were not the big presence I was expecting, it was still cool to see protesters for such a big movement in person.

The Occupy Chicago movement on Saturday, November 12

Getting around the city with my friends was so easy with Chicago’s public transportation. I had the season pass (called the Upass) that Loyola provides for their students. And my¬†friends¬†each paid under $15 for a weekend pass. Once we had our passes in hand we were off to explore and conquer the city.

It was a great weekend. With the holiday parade this just around the corner and Thanksgiving break next week, it is shaping up to be a great November.