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Such a ‘Bler: Vday by the Lake

Such a ‘Bler: Vday by the Lake

Happy Hearts Day!

The celebration of love is all around and I’m feeling extra warm in this Chicago wind. I’m currently scribbling this on the Loyola intercampus shuttle, one of which the driver let all the girls on first today which I thought was quite sweet haha.

For most of today I’ve been in my room trying to finish an assignment but since I opened my eyes, my social media feed has been flooded with festivities. From Loyola Valentine memes to special treats in our dining halls. Even last night there was a huge PSA going around Instagram stories about the red velvet cupcakes and chocolate fountain on their way!!!

The LUC Commuter Student Life Organization also put on an entire munch spread!!! Now I’m getting even more excited to live off campus next year knowing that I’ll still be able to join the campus food parties. Because what else is Valentine’s Day about apart from discounted sweets and platter deals haha.

In all seriousness, I think this post I made for Diminuendo’s social media says it best: “Fall in love with yourself, your life and those in it – today and every day ahead.” Love is love, and love is for all and in all. Be sure to call home and tell someone you appreciate them today.

Stay Munde-fine!




Have No Fear, Resume Tips Are Here!

Have No Fear, Resume Tips Are Here!


It is that time where many of us are either beginning to apply to graduate school, medical school, a job, etc.!

Many of us may need to start working on our resumes whether it is for a job, an internship, applying to a school, etc. Now what is the function of a resume you may ask? It is a concise summary of your education, work/volunteer/internship experiences and other qualifications relevant to your audience’s needs. Employers use resumes as a first impression and will use it to compare you to other candidates. NOTE: a good resume does not guarantee you a job, it just allows you to be considered. A resume demonstrates the skills and capabilities that the reader would value and it is essential for you to demonstrate your abilities and is showcases a sense of direction in your career.

How to layout and format a good resume:

There are a few basic resume types but lets focus on some things that are particularly helpful –

  • It is recommended to format chronologically so that the reader is able to see organization qualities as well as being able to follow your experience.
  • Aim to fit your resume on 1 page – unless you have more experiences that are relevant to the job, you should limit it to one page because it is a general overview of your skills and capabilities.

  • AVOID using templates as a basis for your resume because sometimes they can be difficult to alter and limits you from standing out if your resume looks just like everyone else’s. (Remember, the person reading your resume is most likely reading soooooo many others.)
  • Use CAPS, bolding, underlining, bullets, and indentation to direct the reader’s attention and separate different sections of the resume.
  • Do NOT use graphics or unusual fonts and colors to “dress up” your resume. It doesn’t look professional and you need to limit your space as well because you only have 1 page remember.
  • Use margins between 0.5″ – 1.0″ which leaves enough blank space on the page so that the document is comfortable to read and enough margin to allow for different viewing software and printers.
  • It would be better to save your file as a pdf before submitting electronically so that it preserves the format.


Sections within your resume:


Contact information

  • Include your name and email address as well as the phone number and street address you would prefer to be contacted at

Introductory Statement 

  • “Objective” statements are often considered awkward, obsolete, or unnecessary.
  • If you use a summary statement, make sure that your experiences live up to that statement.


  • List degrees in reverse chronological order
  • List the official names of the school you have attended
  • You may list your GPA if it is strong
  • Course Work descriptions: which can include honors and awards (scholarships/fellowships)
  • Study abroad – list school(s), location, dates

Work Experiences 

  • List experiences in reverse-chronological order.
  • Show the name of the organization, your title, and dates of involvement.
  • Be consistent in your formatting of each experience
  • Use bulleted phrases to describe each experience which should demonstrate skills and capabilities – consider how your experiences demonstrate core work skills (communication/interpersonal skills, organization/time management/leadership, analytical/problem solving skills.
  • Use a professional and active voice

Internship, Co-curricular and Volunteer Experience 

  • List experiences that involve leadership or organizational responsibilities
  • Format the same way and be sure to demonstrate core work skills


  • This section is optional but this includes additional language skills you possess or certifications/licenses
  • This can also include technology or soft ware skills that are relevant to your career.


Hopefully this helps many of you! If you need additional guidance, refer to Loyola’s Career Development Center – they have many available resources, including sample resumes/cover letters!



Study Abroad and More!

Study Abroad and More!


A lot of people ask me what it’s like to study abroad, but have you ever wondered… what it’s like, coming back from studying abroad? I know, I know, I didn’t either. I was like: heck yeah! I’ll come back (I guess, if I have to… I’d rather just have stayed… But…)

There’s certainly ups and downs. One of the downs, it feels like, is that suddenly you don’t see the people you saw every day for a whole semester every day any more. Whaaat, we don’t live in the same building any more? Life is busy and it’s hard to make plans now that we can’t just run into each other in the lounge? We can’t just plan a weekend trip to another state because we have jobs and increased homework now?

Preposterous. Luckily, the Study Abroad office here has social events covered. I went to the Study Abroad Alumni social there and ran into not only my closest friends (with whom I had already arranged to meet there) but also some friends that I hadn’t seen in a long time, friends that I saw often while I was abroad but, because I was abroad again and they weren’t, I lost touch with.

The Study Abroad Alumni social wasn’t just open to alumni – nope, it was totally cool for people interested in studying abroad to attend too, so I got to talk with some students who wanted to talk with people who had been abroad. The event was held in Ireland’s – it’s the campus bar, right in our Damen Student Center, a pretty cool place to do your homework until (if you’re over 21) the night comes and your friends arrive but you don’t want to go off-campus. Plus, I mean, they had free food from Felice’s, our student-run pizzeria, so how could anyone say no?

The Study Abroad office was also hosting a raffle contest, open to students who answered a question or two about their study abroad experience on camera. So look out for a video from them soon, if you’re curious! I can’t guarantee they’ll put me in there, since they did interview a lot of students, but I did win a t-shirt for doing so. (It’s like, a really cool shirt. It’s got that Tolkien “Not all who wander are lost” quote, which is really taken out of context, but I love it anyway because I’m a huge Lord of the Rings nerd.)

So, the moral of the story is: Loyola takes care of her students who go abroad, from the moment you decide to go to when you come back, if you so wish. But it was really fun! If you’re even thinking about studying abroad, no matter what school you go to, I definitely recommend chatting with students who have already gone. I mean, I met a girl who had spent the semester in Russia! I didn’t even know we had a program that could send students there! Way cool!

Such a ‘Bler: I Am a Social Media Student Ambassador and This Is Why I Love My Job

Such a ‘Bler: I Am a Social Media Student Ambassador and This Is Why I Love My Job

After several weeks of battling new schedules and the polar vortex, the Social Media Student Ambassadors of Loyola University Chicago and their fearless leader, Adam, congregated in the Undergraduate Admissions Office to examine thblueprints of Spring 2019.

It was really nice to see everyone again although not all of us were able to be present. However, I was glad that at least one from each of our three focuses (comm flow, photography and bloggers) were able to make it. An agenda was pre-set by Adam and we began to review last semester’s work and future goals. Okay this all sounds super serious but honestly, every talk with this bunch is a good time.

We ran through everything from our photo quality to the potential introduction of Loyola memes (yes you heard that right, I’m screaming too.) Very positive, productive and overall passionate vibes floated around the room and well, I love my job. I love being in such a creative space. I love being around such a motivated and ambitious people. I love how we build from each review and suggestion and want to take our work to even greater heights. And gosh I’m just to excited for what’s to come.

Our blog space is being updated very soon and we’ll also possibly be given direct access to Loyola’s Instagram. The goal is to create a ‘a day in a life of’ themed Instagram stories series as well as give prospective and current Loyola students an even more up close insight of the lives of us Ramblers. Adam has also been enjoying my video work (ahhhh) and is planning to expand the project into an official Undergraduate Admissions YouTube channel with other Ambassadors also jumping on and creating their own videos.

I can’t wait to create more content and see where all these blueprints take us. STAY TUNED!!!




Such a ‘Bler: Yule Balling into Spring 2019

Such a ‘Bler: Yule Balling into Spring 2019

Every year, the Loyola Quidditch Team hosts a Yule Ball! It’s often late December right before Winter break (hence the “Yule” in Yule Ball) but the festivities occurred in January in this school year. Regardless it was a Potter wonderland!

There were Hogwarts houses themed snacks and decorations, wintery and wizard-like decorations and a colourful playlist. I saw a reflective tie, wands and so many golden snitches. The ball was opened to all students, but I went this year (and the last) because a lot of those in my friend group are on the Quidditch team!

From what I’ve heard, they are a lovable and passionate community. The Quidditch team practices weekly and participates in tournaments with other university teams. I’d totally recommend Potterheads and those interested in magic in general to join, not only because they have a fantastic Quids-giving each year.

Such a ‘Bler: Career Week 2019! | My Summer Internship Hunt! (Part 2)

Such a ‘Bler: Career Week 2019! | My Summer Internship Hunt! (Part 2)

 I walked in this Tuesday with my bright mustard yellow resume and interactive online portfolio. I was confident – I had been prepping for this review all Summer after learning from the previous year’s Career Week Workshops. However, I knew there was much left to learn.

The extravagance began with a panel discussion on good business writing and other crucial things to keep in mind when striving to put your best foot forward. The three guest speakers were informative, funny and inspiring. I can honestly say that I’ve even met the individual I hope I will have the honor to mentor me. But I got his card (!) and also gave out my business card for the first time – it was a very official conversation.

The next day continued with the circulation of our resumes through a group of professionals both from the more corporate and creative world. I also ran them through my website, or online portfolio and it was interesting to see the different insights. Overall, I need to be more specific with my information according to each desired internship, but my overall brand received many thumbs up!

The Career Week finishes with a a Networking Night and Job Fair but I am already learning so much and feel much more confident after 2 evenings. I can honestly not thank the School of Communications and Quinlan School of Business enough for such a helpful string of events.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to have my complimentary headshot taken and get my Linkedin ready.

Here’s my freshman photo from last year’s Career Week:





Such a ‘Bler: My Summer Internship Hunt! (Part 1)

Such a ‘Bler: My Summer Internship Hunt! (Part 1)

One of my top goals for this semester is to land a good internship to explore this Summer! Over Winter break, I’ve been crafting my resume and doing extensive online research for them. So far, I have 3 theatres in mind!

During the first week back, I also sat down with my theatre advisor to discuss recommendation letters and my current plans. It’s always so nice to chat with her to make sure I am going in the right direction. With all our theatre professors being heavily and extendedly involved in the Chicago Theatre scene, I know I’m in good hands. Currently, it looks like I’m in a pretty good place so let’s keep our fingers crossed. I’m also quite sure about my current choices for application but the School of Communications’ Career Week is also right around the corner!

I am a Communications Studies major with minors in Theatre and Creative Writing so there are honestly A LOT of options and I’m super excited to discover even more beyond my online hunt during Career week!  With this combination, it is also a tad more difficult for me to craft a fitting resume for my myriad of interests and involvement so the workshops the Career Week is provided will come in handy! I’m buzzing – let’s go let’s go let’s go!!!




Such a ‘Bler: Spring 2019 Student Organization Fair!

Such a ‘Bler: Spring 2019 Student Organization Fair!

With a new semester comes a whole new Student Organization Fair! This is a showcase of the student organizations currently active at Loyola in hopes to spark student interests and provide mediums for exploration outside daily academics. I was back again with the e-board of Diminuendo Literary and Arts Magazine. I am currently the AD/PR Chair and am super psyched for what this semester’s got in stored!

We are Loyola University Chicago’s longest running Student Literary and Arts Magazine. We curates, edit together and then publish two issues of student literary and visual art each year! Our editorial staff includes three main committees – AD/PR, Tech and Design and Digital Media. On top of that, we have two co-presidents, a treasurer and secretary. Our most recent issue is said to be our best and most competitive one yet, so I was pumped to encourage even more submissions for the next!

In between my enthusiastic speels, I roamed Gentile Arena for any possible new adventures. I always try to do a round in case there are any new organizations or if I suddenly decide to finally pick Soccer back up. I’ve been to every one since my freshman year, and there is at least 5 new ones each time! There honestly is something for everyone. I highly recommend passing by even for a short stroll because that’s where I found Diminuendo Fall of Freshman year and I have been so grateful ever since!

This e-board is excited for a brand new explosive issue! Our Fall 2018 issue can be found at Connection’s Café in the IC and on our website:

Stay tuned and most importantly, try something new this semester!




A Series of Firsts: My First Finals Week

A Series of Firsts: My First Finals Week

A glimpse at the spread for Finals Breakfast. December 12, 2017

It’s been a year since my First Finals Week, and I still remember how nervous I was about my exams. It was my first time taking a final exam in the U.S. and I was definitely overwhelmed with homesickness and stress by that point in the semester. I had started studying for Finals a little in advance, and since I did not have any exams until Wednesday, my nervousness was just building up. My friends were well into their finals week and I hadn’t yet taken mine, and I just wanted to be over with everything and head home. Thankfully, I was able to come across a couple of activities that helped relax a little and bring me to a mental space where I felt ready to tackle my finals.

On Tuesday, as the first two days of Finals drew to an end and I kept studying for my first exam the next day, I decided to go with my friends to Loyola’ Finals Breakfast. Every Tuesday of Finals Week, SAGA offers LUC students a late-night breakfast for everybody to take a break and enjoy good food in great company in order to be ready for the final half of Finals. I was amazed at the amount of students that were there, and I was so excited to be eating breakfast for dinner, as Loyola’s Finals French Toasts are delicious! I had such a good time with everybody and my friends and I were happy to have gone to the Breakfast and take a break.

Furthermore, it is widely known that Finals Week can be a very stressful time for us all. That week was definitely stressful for me. Therefore, to help students relax a little, the Wellness Center hosts a Study Day Stress Relief event every Wednesday of Finals Week. The Study Day Stress Relief takes place in the IC and offers several de-stressing activities like Badge Making and coloring sheets, as well as massages for students. When I went, it allowed me to catch a break from studying and afterwards, I was able to concentrate a little more on myself at a time in which studying and stress take up much of my time.

Activities like these allowed me to be able to concentrate on studying and give my best on my exams without forgetting to take care of myself. They also let me get through the week on a happy note, and by the time I was done with my Finals, I not only felt relieved, but I felt like my trip back home and my month-long break was worth it.

Now, as I prepare for this semester to be over, I recall the advice my Sociology professor gave me last year “You’ve taken exams before, and you’ve done well, because you’re here now. This is just another exam. You’ll do well on this one as well.” I wish you all good luck with your Finals, and hope that you all take care of yourselves as well!

A Series of Firsts: My First Time Hosting a Gala

A Series of Firsts: My First Time Hosting a Gala

The Fall 2018 Womxn In Leadership Loyola Executive Board. December 03, 2018

When I applied to be WILL’s Social Chair for the semester, I was excited about coming up with activities for the whole General Body and bringing together our members in order to share the sense of community that I feel in WILL. So when I was told I had to organize and host the Annual Winter Gala, I was ecstatic, but also nervous.

Since the beginning of this semester, in E-Board Meetings, I was always asked to keep in mind the Gala and to come up with ideas for it little by little, and to get all food orders and equipment reservations done in a timely manner. However, I had no previous experience organizing, much less one of this magnitude and with all the procedures that Loyola requires.  I didn’t know how to get orders submitted for the catering and had no idea how to come up with a budget that wouldn’t empty our funds. As the semester went on, and October came, I was asked to get all orders in place in order to avoid problems on the day of the event. Inside, I was so scared to do something wrong and disappoint my whole team.

Nevertheless, my team, my first E-Board, are the greatest people, and I was constantly supported and helped by all of the members in preparation for the Gala. Our Treasurer and friend, Amy, had helped me get all things done with SAGA and Aramark so I didn’t have to worry about my budget not being approved or my orders being cancelled. Our Co-Presidents, Kira & Maggie, were behind the process since the beginning, and constantly checked in with me to see if there was anything that I needed from them. Maggie and Maanasa, our Community Outreach Liaison, helped me reach out to our prospective performers, as I had little connections with artists on campus. And the whole E-Board helped me set up on the night of the event for it to look as beautiful as everyone present deserved.

The days before the event, everything was ready. I had gotten all the decorations I needed (with the help of my mom), the food had been ordered and the equipment checked out (shoutout to Amy for helping with both), the performers had all confirmed and had kept in touch with me for the logistics of their performances, and everybody in our E-Board was aware of what they needed to do on that evening. However, I was still nervous that I would mess up, that the event would end up being a fiasco. More than anything, I was afraid no one would come, that I hadn’t attracted the attention of enough attendees. I was so nervous, and I was hoping for the worst.

To my surprise, the event was a success! Everybody loved the performances and commented on the decorations. There was barely any food left at the end of the evening, and everyone had commented on how fun the event had been. I was relieved that something I had come up with had worked. However, I know that nothing of this would have happened without all the help  of the current and the new WILL e-boards, who not only helped me set up that night, but also gave me moral support and helped me all along the organizing process. I would say this was a really good learning experience for me, one that will help me now that I am Education Chair for WILL. I will now think about others, especially my Committee, when preparing presentations on a weekly basis and creating good content for our organization, and won’t hesitate to ask help whenever I need it. Because Rome wasn’t built overnight, and it wasn’t only built by one person either.