Such a ‘Bler: My Hiding Spot

Such a ‘Bler: My Hiding Spot

The last of my Thanksgiving break actually ended today when my boyfriend waved see you later on O’haire International Airport. I’ll see him in a few weeks for winter break, but for now, it’s full force finals fun. Here’s one of my secrets to treating oneself whilst treating oneself.

The 8th floor of Loyola University Schreiber Center.

Disclaimer: I am not a business student, but my good friend Maddie who is, actually showed me this spot. It is welcome to all.

There are plenty of comfy singular sofas and low tables or higher long tables if that you’re your concentration. The floor is quiet and spacious and breathes an air of relaxed productivity. However, perhaps the best part, are the huge glass windows that wrap the city of Chicago around surround you. The sunlight shines through these giants, and if you’re extra lucky, casts onto the walls. My favourite time is 5pm, 4:30pm during day light savings. That’s when it is the prettiest.

I used to just study in my dorm, which has nice windows too, but I somehow always end up feeling like a hermit. Studying around others in an open space also makes homesickness more bearable. I guess the tip here is to hop around. Don’t be shy, there’s definitely more hiding spots out there. Free coffee is also right next door, but more on that later.




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