Such a ‘Bler: Giving Thanks

Such a ‘Bler: Giving Thanks

Last thanksgiving, my boyfriend Jacob visited, and we were invited over by a lovely family-friend Vietnamese couple for lunch. They made us a whole spread of Vietnamese delights and it felt like we were back home for a few hours.

He visited again this year, tagging his roommate Kent along as well, and we had our first Friendsgiving. One of my closest friends on campus Maddie and her boyfriend Nick cooked up a huge dinner, with an actually turkey and everything! We were also joined by my roommate Amanda, who though was up to her ears in finals revision was able to pass to watch me try cranberry sauce with mashed potatoes for the first time.

Jacob, Kent and I brought a bit of our own tradition by – spring rolls. Earlier that day, we went grocery shopping in Argyle – essentially the Vietnamese district of Chicago – and then spent the afternoon preparing. Our friends really enjoyed the treat!

I still can’t decide which part of this whole experience I love most. The incredible food, being surrounded by my favourite people, the warmth or how it all came together though we each came from such different parts of the world. Maddie is from California, Nick is from Ohio and Amanda is from Chicago. Jacob, Kent and I are all from Hanoi, Vietnam but very different districts. But for this special occasion, we were together, watching the boys play Overwatch on the TV and digging into another slice of pumpkin pie.

I am grateful.




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