Chicago and the Holiday Season

Chicago and the Holiday Season

Love to get a little festive, get jingly with it?

Even if you don’t celebrate Christmas, there’s a thousand and one ways to light up the dark nights here in Chicago and feel the cheer and good vibes of the holiday season.

My favorite? The Holiday Train!

That’s ride, for the price of one ride on the L (or your U-pass, if you’re a student) you could ride on the CTA L, but the L decked out to the max. It’s got lights. It’s got Santas. It’s got festive decor as far as the eye can see. It’s got a schedule, so you can check it and time your ride just right to feel the fun! It costs nothing extra to the rider and is just a way for Chicago to make you smile.

Word on the street is that it’s been a tradition for over 25 years now, and started as a way for the CTA to bring care packages and food to people in need. Now there’s not only a fully decorated train with Santa on it, but there’s a ‘Elf Workshop’ one too that runs as well, making it twice as likely for you to catch one, and twice as fun! Plus there’s a holiday bus roaming around Chicago – well, I say roaming, but it’s actually just following its regular route – so you can be festive any way you ride. For a fun video featuring the train, check out this youtube link to see something from someone who’s actually ridden it a few years ago and what it looked like then. I for one haven’t been lucky enough to catch it yet, although all of my roommates have!


If you come to visit Loyola this winter, I highly recommend trying to get on it. What a way to feel the season!

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