Such a ‘Bler: International Education Week 2018

Such a ‘Bler: International Education Week 2018

Can you name the countries?

This wasn’t actually my first international nibble of the week! Monday kicked off with a warm bánh mì (Vietnamese sandwich). I’m from Hanoi, Vietnam so this was like a warm morning hug. There was even a little stand set up in Sullivan Center just like (well, as close as Chicago can get haha) the streets back home.

I got a pork bánh mì, something I’ve definitely missed. A friend in my theatre class said it looked amazing and asked where I got it when she saw me munching before class. I felt very proud.

With Friday came International Night. There was food, information boards and a dance performance, as international and local students arrived in the Damen Multipurpose Room to celebrate. I noticed that dishes from around the world are actually equally similar and different in so many ways. They were definitely all similarly delicious.

International Night was also a great chance to see old friends – this is Vanya, one of my first friends here from freshman orientation week, a newly Loyola Alum and always a proud Indonesian.

The short trip around the world was refreshing – my taste buds danced the night away! It was a great International Education Week.




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