Such a ‘Bler: My First Basketball Game (ever)

Such a ‘Bler: My First Basketball Game (ever)

It’s embarrassing to confess as a sophomore that my first Loyola basketball game was last Friday. Sure, I watched the NCAA last year, but well, online or through a TV. Times never really aligned I guess, but after missing the first game of the season on Tuesday, I was determined.

Here’s what I’ve learnt:

  • If the game starts at 7pm, it starts at 6pm. The lines get pretty long quite quick so it’s best to come early, especially so you don’t have to wait out in this windy weather. I arrive at 5:30pm after class today and a quarter of the student seats were filled.
  • This was also my first live American sporting event, so I learnt that the national anthem is sung!
  • Sister Jean and her prayer before the game is a blessing (but we all know this already.)
  • ‘Blers are raised for good luck before a shot, especially if it’s a free throw.

  • The energy is addictive.
  • Sometimes there’s free stuff for the crowd (oOoOoOoOh)
  • I love the band and there are A LOT of chants, but you learn as they go – this is a lot of fun!

Fun fact: LU Wolf is actually a friend of mine from freshman year, but I’m not too sure it was in fact him that night. All LUs are friendly. Any guesses?

This was the scoreboard before things went crazy – we lost to a single slam dunk at 2 seconds to time. But the crowd was wild, and I was one happy Rambler.




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