Local Fave Restaurant: bopNgrill

Local Fave Restaurant: bopNgrill

Loyola students (and I’m certainly one of them) love to talk about food – so what better way to talk about student life and campus than one of our favorite restaurants: bopNgrill!

bopNgrill is a Korean-American fusion place exclusively in Chicago – they have one location about a two minute walk north of campus, and another down off of the Belmont El Stop, within easy access of a lot of hip spots also popular with students and the young adults of Chicago. But the locations are only a bonus – the best thing, naturally, is the food!

My go-to order is the bulkogi rice plate, but I always wish I switched things up… Not because it’s bad, but because everything on the menu is good! From umami duxelle burgers to kimchi fries, coca-cola in glass bottles and bi bim bop, the food is varied and delicious. My favorite thing is something I tried only recently: their philly cheese steak egg rolls!

They are only available on the weekends, and if you go too late, they’ll probably be sold out. That’s why I’ve only had one for the first time my senior year: I always arrived too late! Although to be honest, bopNgrill is a little too pricey to eat every week, when I want to treat myself, I definitely go there. It averages around $13, but when on a college budget…

Then again, did I mention yet? It was featured on Guy Fieri’s Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives show! Check it out here!

Gosh, my mouth is watering just thinking about it. Check out their photos and menu at this link here. I heartily recommend it! In times like these with restaurants closing and opening all down Sheridan Road, bopNgrill has remained a staple of the Rogers Park and Loyola staff and students’ dining options for years.

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