Cheer for Ol’ Loyola

Cheer for Ol’ Loyola

I have to say, I’m absolutely in love with this campus. I enjoyed my study abroad experiences in both Beijing and Rome, but neither of the campuses were as absolutely gorgeous as our Lake Shore Campus. (When I left Beijing, the campus was so torn up due to construction a normal five minute walk to the classrooms took fifteen. Unless you took a shortcut through a long, long stretch of mud and dirt!)

We have construction of our own here now – what was once a pathway of trees that would turn the most vivid shade of red on campus and a sports field is now turning into the Alf, a new athletic center – but for the most part the campus is still breathtaking in little ways. I have been stopping to look at the leaves turning color and taking pictures, or just marveling at our Information Commons and how it looks with the blue sky. So I thought I’d share some of them with you all! I’m no professional photographer, not in the least, but any pictures couldn’t really do justice to the sights anyway.

I hope this picture conveys the soft, fall-like atmosphere that the trees make. We call ourselves a green campus, but the only thing green these days are the little trees (as you’ll see in the next picture), the bushes, and the grass. The larger trees have all burst into colors magnificently.

Not too be too much of a mom here, but this red is just gorgeous. Every day on my walk to and from classes, I’m blown away. I’m sad it won’t last for too long, but I have to appreciate it while it lasts. Fall weather is my favorite to dress for because I can wear layers without having to cover myself up with a heavy coat, and also I absolutely love all of my fall clothes.

Whether you are visiting soon, visiting recently, or just looking at pictures of campus online, I certainly hope you don’t think Loyola is just another boring college campus. With our diverse architecture and fantastic groundskeepers, I might be a little biased, but we’re definitely one of the most beautiful schools out there.

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