Post Loyola Weekend Vibes

Post Loyola Weekend Vibes

What a weekend! I was so excited to see everyone there and make this event a success. From my end of the spectrum, I know that all the student workers and admission counselors have worked hard to bring you a great Loyola experience in all aspects. You got the opportunity to visit all 5 freshman residence halls, see and talk to professors at the department fair, mingle with students and learn about student organizations, visit the actual lab rooms (that are not shown during general tours), and create new memories.


As happy as all of this sounds, this Loyola Weekend event is my last one. I still remember my first Loyola Weekend event, where I took care of the luggage room and alphabetize people’s belongings. The year after, I also did the luggage room and ended using barricades out  the room because there was no more space. My third year, I helped with check-in and got to speak with so many people, face-to-face. It was exciting to be the first person to welcome prospective students and families to Loyola. This year, I was the photographer. I captured the memories and hopefully, I was able to preserve these moments for a long time.

Hopefully, maybe you were able to stop by my organization’s booth too – Vietnamese Student Association! You could have gotten a free button too, made by yours truly! 🙂

Some people were even lucky to catch a glimpse (and even take a picture) of Sister Jean. She wanted to go into her office to finish up some paperwork, but unfortunately her office is smack-dab in the middle of the atrium/food court. There was no way she could avoid her ‘fans,’ trying to get to the room. Either way, I was able to chat with her the next day (after everything died down) and give her a gift that a family wanted to give her. She asked me how Loyola Weekend event, and I told her that it was a complete success, also due to her and the recent excitement from March Madness. She told me she could only hope that she could do more for Loyola and bring more spirit and liveliness to campus. Isn’t that remarkable? Even at 98, and even in a wheelchair, she has so much willpower to help Loyola thrive and impress prospective students. The very next day, she was at Wrigley Park throwing the first pitch of the season for the Cubs, and still promoting Loyola!

Though Loyola Weekend is my last weekend, my mind is now focused on Weekend of Excellence. Yes, these events are different and yes, Loyola has a lot of events going on in the month of April. I have been nominated for an award and will be attending 4 events that weekend- April 19-21. With that being said, I won’t get teary-eyed yet because I’m not done here until a couple more weeks. There will be a couple more posts left, that will come out of my blog, Rambler’s Pie: A Slice of Loyola. As always, I hope I am/was able to give you a better student perspective on my Loyola experience. 🙂


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