Special Rambler Memorabilia

Special Rambler Memorabilia

“I am a Rambler. I do Rambler things. I’ve got Rambler arms and Rambler wings.” Here at Loyola University Chicago, we have special artifacts that make us unique and make us show off our Rambler pride. These have risen in popularity, especially with March Madness. From a “Harry Potter” scarf to a Sister Jean bobblehead, here are some objects that carry a significant meaning for a Loyola Rambler:

The Loyola Scarf:

When you go around campus, you are bound to several students proudly wearing maroon and gold scarves around their necks. For many outsiders, this scarf is called the “Harry Potter” or “Gryffindor” scarf. During basketball games, volleyball games, and other big school events, you can see a majority of the faculty and students sporting one. However, contrary to popular speculation, the Loyola scarf is not based on the scarf that the members of Gryffindor House wear during Quidditch games. According to Olga Corrias Hancock, the former director of alumni relations (as quoted from a Chicago Tribune article), she questioned, “How can we make the Loyola colors pop?” (Thompson, 2018). Looking for a cheap option, the alumni invested in a $10 rugby scarf that had Loyola’s colors of maroon and gold. Initially, the first batch gave 100 scarves to fans. Since then, the popularity of the scarves have spiked.

The scarves are a unique symbol of Loyola support and pride especially since rugby scarves are a European sports fan attire. But after garnering attention, the scarf has become recognizable by both fans and outsiders. I was very fortunate to snatch two scarves, one for my sister and one for myself, before the scarves have flown off the shelves. For those of you interested in getting one for yourself, good luck! The scarves are on backorder and whenever they hit the shelves, they are gone.


Sister Jean Bobblehead:

Aside from the scarf, Sister Jean has her own bobblehead. The National Bobblehead Hall of Fame Museum in Milwaukee has sold over 100,000 bobbleheads so far. The figurine has her signature appearance with her glasses, hair, and the signature Loyola scarf. Prior to the 2018 NCAA edition, there was a set that was made in 2011. These hot items have sold for over $200 on Ebay.


Loyola Swag:

With the success of Loyola at March Madness and the team’s accomplishment of reaching the Final Four, shirt sales at Loyola have grown exponentially. Many of these shirts commemorate Sister Jean, the Final Four, March Madness, and so much more! Normally, Loyola has two bookstores, one at Water Tower and the other at Lakeshore Campus. But, because of a growing fan base, a pop-up store next to the Loyola University Museum of Art (LUMA), has been installed on Michigan Avenue.

Want to find and order more swag? Be sure to check out the link to purchase these hot items: https://www.bkstr.com/loyolachicagostore/home/en      

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