It is very easy to get caught up with so many responsibilities in school, extracurriculars, family, social life, and so much more, that you forget to take good care of yourself. I have trouble with this too and hopefully, I am not alone. There are so many things to do and it becomes a force of habit that we want to help others, learn more, and visit different places. However, we are not machines; we need the basics -rest, good nutrition, emotional stability, and a positive mindset.


During mid-term week or finals week, the inner zombie in us becomes very apparent as we cram in very last bit of knowledge to do well on our exams. We fuel up on coffee, disregarding the side effects of being jittery and exhausted. We even make the IC (Information Commons) our second home, as we coop up in a study room for hours and hours trying to study. For others, just like me, I treat every week like a mid-term week and when you top that all off with extracurriculars, such as being the president of an organization, musician for a parish, and teacher for Sunday school, you literally become an automaton.

What is self care? Why is it even important? 

Self care is acknowledging that you own your body and no one else is responsible for it BUT YOU. In order to function properly, YOU need to take care of yourself and provide it with things it needs (not wants). Sufficient amount of sleep is quite essential. It is amazing how the body can take over what we want to control. For instance, if you stay up during the night, your body will want to make up sleep time during the day, no matter how alert you want to be during the daytime– there’s a balance for everything. Sufficient amount of food is also important. If you eat nothing, your body cannot convert ‘nothing’ into useful energy. Your body will send you alerts up to your brain and your stomach will tell you by making loud noises, regardless of what you want.

Here at Loyola, here are some things I think help promote the topic of self-care:

  • TIVO and SANTOS – Tivo just retired from being a therapy dog and Santos is his successor. These dogs are so friendly and relieve the pressure and stress from students in class. They will play with you, give you unconditional love, and will let you pet them as much as you want.
  • MADONNA DELLA STRADA – God is always with you to support and love you. This chapel is not only beautiful, but it is a place where people can have quiet space to meditate and reflect.
  • WELLNESS CENTER – There are so many services for you! If you have Loyola’s health insurance, you can visit the doctor! All Loyola students get to have 8 free sessions with a psychologist too, for the year!
  • CAMPUS MINISTRY – Learn to love yourself, and love others through this warm and amicable community. Travel with a group of friends to do service work and enjoy helping others!
  • ADVISORS – First and second year advising helps freshmen and sophomores figure out academic issues as well as offer emotional and personal support.
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