Explore Chicago CTA Edition: This is Argyle

Explore Chicago CTA Edition: This is Argyle

This is Argyle. Doors open on the left at Argyle. This is a red line train to Howard. Hey everyone, welcome back to the eighth installment of Explore Chicago CTA Edition! As always, I’m your blogger and happy eater, Miguel Molina! Today, we are going to be having some fun with both eats and treats down at the CTA’s Argyle stop “Little Vietnam”/”Vietnamese Town”. Be sure to bring your student ID card, ventra card (u-pass), and as always, a hungry belly. So come on, let’s go out and explore!

Getting to Argyle:

Unlike the other sites on the Red Line, I would not recommend taking the Loyola intercampus shuttle bus. Argyle is only a few stops south of Loyola, five to be exact. Because of this, here are the two quick ways to get to the neighborhood. First, the easiest way. You can take the CTA Red Line train from Loyola down south to 95th/Dan Ryan toward Argyle (it has its own stop). The trip down will take you around 10-15 minutes at most. Secondly, you can always take an Uber or a Lyft to take you from Loyola’s Lakeshore Campus. This would take you around the same amount of time as taking the CTA. Beware the busiest times for traffic so you are not stuck. As with any other place in the city, be aware of the time of day that you plan to visit these sites.

Restaurants and Awesome Eats:

Pho 777: Looking for a way to keep warm? Look no further than a bowl of hot, steaming pho at Pho 777! This eatery on the main strip of Argyle is home to some of the best Pho in the neighborhood. For those who don’t know, pho is a traditional Vietnamese soup with aromatic herbs, a broth made with beef bones, and noodles. Usually it is made with either chicken or beef. Personally, I prefer the cuts of beef with pho. For those who want an extra crunchy flavor, bean sprouts or on hand. For a stronger taste, thai basil. But if you are craving to open up your sinuses, there are enough spicy peppers to add to your liking. While the restaurant does offer other great tasting traditional Vietnamese cooking, this is definitely a place to have pho with friends anyday!


Sun Wah BBQ: For those of us on a student budget but want quality, great tasting, authentic Chinese cooking, Sun Wah BBQ is a place that should be on your list! I usually get their roast duck (which is fresh from the window display, so you know it is fresh), roast pork (so flavorful, crunchy, and oh so hearty), and their beef chow fun (thicker noodle with strips of tender beef). You can then wash it all down with one of their dumpling soups. Shrimp, pork, and woodland mushroom dumpling soup is always a favorite! This is a great place to bring your friends to sample and try a bunch of different dishes. Be aware this is not your American Chinese restaurant but authentic Chinese!


Save Room for Dessert:

Kung Fu Tea: After all that you ate, make sure you head to Kung Fu Tea to wash it all down! With a wide selection of milk tea, slushies, and other tea drinks; this is a great place for snacks and dessert. Being a coconut aficionado, I go for their coconut milk tea which is creamy goodness! If you are more into tropical fruit drinks, you can also find these here!


Still looking for more to visit? Be sure to tune in March 27, 2018 as we go and start to explore more at Granville on this edition of Explore Chicago CTA Edition. Doors closing.

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