Easy and Healthy Meals for the Busy College Student

Easy and Healthy Meals for the Busy College Student

The semester is coming to a close and it seems that this is the perfect time for professors to drop all of their presentations, projects, papers, etc. on students. We are all stressed out and tired with not enough sleep. We neglect sleep and healthy eating habits and turn to RedBull, Coffee, or junk food to get us nourished enough for our next class or that infamous all nighter. Hey you, yes you! Put down that can of RedBull, unplug that Keurig Machine, stop munching away on your Cheet0’s and Doritos. Today, I am going to teach you four basic meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert) that you can make on a college budget. All of these recipes are healthy (Mom approved) and are super tasty (not Buzzfeed’s Tasty). Happy Eats!

Notice: Make sure you go on the website that I have provided to get proper instructions, proportions of ingredients, and proper temperatures for the oven (if needed)

Breakfast: Avocado Toast with Sunny Side Up Egg (courtesy of Greatist)

  • For this recipe all you need is: two pieces of whole wheat or multigrain toast; one ripe avocado; salt; and pepper
  • First, smash one avocado in a bowl
  • Grab your two pieces of toasted whole wheat or multigrain bread and spread the avocado on the toast as you would butter or peanut butter (make it as chunky or smooth to your liking)
  • Cook your eggs (either sunny side up or hard boiled, to your liking), use avocado oil or grape seed oil to cook your eggs
  • Carefully place the egg on top of the avocado and toast, sprinkle some salt and pepper for taste (you can also sprinkle some other kinds of herbs to your liking)

Lunch: Pasta Salad with Goat Cheese and Arugula (courtesy of Martha Stewart)

  • For this recipe all you need is: cannellini or white beans; olive oil; red wine vinegar; crumbled goat cheese; short pasta (that is preferably whole wheat); salt; pepper; dijon mustard; small red onion; and arugula
  • In a pot of boiling water, cook your pasta
  • In a separate bowl or pot, combine your white beans with your crumbled goat cheese, your chopped up red onion, and of course arugula
  • To create your dressing grab your olive oil, red wine vinegar, mustard, salt, and pepper put them in a bowl and whisk them together
  • With all your ingredients, blend them together to make a tasty, simple, and healthy meal

Dinner: Simple Oven Salmon Filet (courtesy of Greatist)

  • For this recipe all you need is: a boneless salmon filet; olive oil; sweet or spicy smoked paprika; and honey
  • Combine your sauce ingredients first by mixing olive oil, honey, and sweet or spicy smoked paprika into a dressing mixture
  • Generously coat your salmon in the sauce and let it sit and marinade for 30 minutes (this is time when you can do your homework, take a shower, or get caught up with your e-mails)
  • Make sure you line an oven safe pyrex with aluminum foil and spray some nonstick spray and place your salmon in the broiler oven
  • Check your salmon periodically to make sure the fish is cooked thoroughly; once it is ready you are ready for a healthy and tasty meal that you just made in your apartment!

Dessert: Edible Cookie Dough (courtesy of Family Fresh Meals)

  • For this recipe all you need is: brown sugar, butter, salt, vanilla, milk, flour, chocolate chips
  • First, mix your brown sugar, butter, vanilla and salt all together till it becomes a soft mixture that is not clumped together
  • Add your milk (depending on how thick or smooth you want your cookie dough), add flour until it becomes soft enough and blended to become a dough mixture
  • If desired, add chocolate chips to the mix
  • Once incorporated well, place into the refrigerator to cool off, your dessert is then ready to eat and enjoy!


  • These recipes are good for big size portions to allow you to have future meals for the next few days (so you don’t have to cook)
  • These are fun to make with your roommates for a great bonding experience
  • These also are fun to enjoy on date night with that special someone (and a chance to show off your “amazing” cooking skills)
  • To store your extra food, it might be worth it to invest in some durable tupperware to store leftover food so it does not go to waste!
  • ENJOY!


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