Explore Chicago CTA Edition: This is Jackson

Explore Chicago CTA Edition: This is Jackson

This is Jackson. Doors open on the right at Jackson. Transfer to blue, orange, brown, pink, and purple lines at Jackson. Hey everyone, welcome back to the second installment of Explore Chicago CTA Edition! Today we are going to be exploring the stores, restaurants, and attractions near Jackson’s red line stop. So be sure to bring your ventra card (u-pass), your student ID, and as always an empty/hungry belly! Let’s go!

Getting There:

There are three ways that I would recommend getting to Jackson, depending on where you live and with time considered. The first way is the easiest. You can take the CTA Red line down from Loyola straight into Jackson station (toward 95th). This may take around 45 minutes, give or take. Or, you can take the Intercampus shuttle from the Lakeshore Campus to the Water Tower Campus and take the El from Chicago and State toward Jackson. Lastly, you can always take an Uber or a Lyft, depending on the size of the group you are traveling with, and what time of day you are planning to visit the area.

Main Attractions:

  1. Art Institute of Chicago: Considered to be one of the best museums in the world, according to Trip Advisor, the Art Institute of Chicago is truly a world class museum with a vast collection of art throughout history (from antiquity to modernity). For this attraction you can go with your friends to see new exhibitions and openings or you can always appreciate the moment by yourself and become absorbed in the art. Being a Loyola student you have the perk of getting free admission to the museum anytime you want! Yes, you heard that right, all you need is to bring your Student ID and you are good to go. Luckily, many of Loyola’s classes (especially artistic core) require students to go an visit the museum. For example, for my Honors 102 class we went to learn about Impressionist/Post-Impressionist paintings of Van Gogh, Caillebotte, Manet, and so many more. Likewise, for an extra credit opportunity I got to see the paintings and drawings of Tarsila Do Amaral, a Brazilian artist, who was the female contemporary of Pablo Picasso and Henri Matisse. The museum even boasts a new modern wing designed by world renowned architect Renzo Piano, unique gift shops/stores, and a classy cafe in the modern wing. There is something at the museum that everyone can appreciate. (http://www.artic.edu)
  2. Chicago Symphony Center: Home to the world famous Chicago Symphony Orchestra under the direction of Ricardo Mutti, this is the place for a truly sensational musical experience. The CSO, as it is commonly called, encourages students and children to appreciate the arts. Because of this, you should always ask for a student discount, they will often be more than willing to accommodate. How does $15 sound? Likewise, the orchestra provides more than just classical music, they also have jazz, latin/caribbean music, and much more! To learn more about the upcoming events and concerts going at the Symphony Center be sure to check out their website. (https://cso.org)

Places to Eat:

  1. Vivi Bubble Tea: Want a quick and refreshing drink? Are you into “quali-tea” bubble tea, pun totally intended? Make sure to head down to Vivi Bubble Tea! The teas here are authentic, smooth, and most importantly taste so good. Be sure to try their milk tea, which is their signature drink. I would recommend their Thai Iced Tea with tapioca, Coconut Milk Tea, or their Milk Black Tea. But if you are more into flavored iced teas, Vivi offers unique flavors like Passionfruit, Kumquat, or even Lychee! For more flavor combinations be sure to check out: (http://www.vivibubbletea.com/products.php?cat=2)
  2. Garrett’s Popcorn: What goes well with a Netflix night in? Why, popcorn of course! But Garrett’s is not just your typical popcorn that you can get from the grocery store or the movie theatre, Garrett’s is a gourmet popcorn shop. What do I mean by gourmet? The popcorn actually tastes like quality popcorn with cheese, caramel, or butter. There is no cardboard taste to it at all! I would recommend trying the Chicago Mix (or the Garrett Mix) which is a combination of Cheese and Caramel popcorn. This is the perfect combination of sweet and salty. Like how bacon and chocolate pair well together. These make a wonderful gift for birthdays and holidays as well, for more information be sure to check out their website: (https://www.garrettpopcorn.com)
  3. Bibibop: Is it that obvious that I enjoy eating Asian food? Bibibop is the Asian equivalent to Chipotle. However, I find Bibibop to be more unique with their food options and choices. First, you start with a base: white rice, purple rice (a healthy, tastier alternative to white rice, highly recommended), greens, wrap, or noodles. Next, you can add black beans, potatoes, or bean sprouts. Then you get to pick a protein: chicken (regular or spicy), steak, or tofu. You then get to pick some cold vegetable toppings: daikon (radish), cucumber, carrot, kale, corn, and lettuce. You can also add eggs and/or cheese. On the side you can have either for pineapple or kimchi (for an extra fee). To top it off you have a choice of several sauces, I would recommend their cucumber wasabi, a perfect blend of heat and cooling flavors within your mouth. For more tasty and mouthwatering information on the restaurant’s menu, story, or locations be sure to check out their website at: (http://bibibop.com/about)

Still hungry and looking for more? Be sure to tune in the week of November 7 as we go an explore Lake on this edition of Explore Chicago CTA Edition. Doors closing.

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